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Self Hypnosis Mentorship Remote and more

Hypnosis is beginning to aquire
more publicity in the press.  Some of the reason is because it is getting back to what works. Granted there are some
organizations and professionals that are staying in the past with the
profession. This will happen with all professions it appears. What I can say is
that today I do see a lot more people that are starting to take a more modern
approach to the profession including how we train our future professionals.


In the past, we
used to think that skills could only be learned from attending or conducting
location based

training programs
. The term brick and mortar is commonly used for this type
of school or idea. We would gather as many people as possible into one location
(like a classroom and use the energy
of the class to help people
in developing tools. This technique
is still a dependable method today. There are some challenges to this type of training
as well. The biggest challenge is that many people
want to learn but do not have enough money and time to invest in the training
and the travel. Finding a good quality training program or school out there that
is flexible enough to meet your schedule is often difficult. The other challenge
is that some training programs just cover the basic information which means you
have to keep investing more.


With the
creation of the Internet and the computer age, we can get
information that
you could only get in a classroom delivered right to your
place no matter where that is. Remember that
the Internet was designed at first by the government then was
handed to the
educational system
to have them to use it for information and resources. Even today the real purpose
of the internet is to allow people to share information so it only makes sense
now to use it to allow people to continue learning from their own homes. The
challenge is how to do it effectively so we are providing the tools needed for
future professionals to succeed.


Let’s take a
look at what we can provide now:

  • Textbooks and

  • Forums to
    discuss the material

  • Streaming video
    and audio programs

  • Web Casts to
    train over the internet

  • Skype for Free
    Personal Calls

  • Conference
    Calls for training, discussions and practice.


We can include
several professionals now to allow students to get more variation I training as
well and do it all remotely. Think about it for a second. With today’s
technology all we have to do is provide information and a student can go as far
as they want. Our main job is providing the personal attention and mentorship to
be able to answer questions and assist them in learning more.


The good news
is that this is affordable as well for everyone now.

Check it out


If you are
interested in more information make sure to come back often or check out our
website at We have a lot of training programs and we are
constantly developing new ways to make a difference in the hypnosis field.

Article Source:

Dr. Michael Holt (docmagi) is the founder and creator of Magi Hypnosis and the Magi Institute. He is a leader in the development of Hypnosis Certification and Training as well as Corporate and Business Training Programs. Located in Southern California Dr. Holt maintains private and group practices as well. Find out more at

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