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Selling Online Can Be Insanely Fun and Profitable

     So when was the last time you purchased something online?

If you’re one of the exceedingly large (and growing) tribe of folks that purchases books, electronics, clothes - or even groceries - online, then you probably swiped your credit card online at least once in the last month.

In spite of a growing recession and slowing economy, Forrester Research says online retail sales are expected to rise 11 percent to $156 billion in 2009. That’s $156 “billion” - with a “B”!
I don’t know about you - but I for one would certainly love to get a piece (even a small one) of that delicious pie!
Just take a look at how selling online can be insanely fun - and profitable.

1. Start Fast (and Free):
Imagine launching a full-blown web site for free! If you went to or, you could have a free, full-featured, professional looking blog up and running within the next 10 minutes. And you could be running ads on this blog, or referring people to for a commission, or selling your very own products - and be making money online within the next 24 hours!

2. Learn Fast:
Imagine you own a regular brick-and-mortar store. Now imagine being able to figure out the following details about your store:
a) How many people walk in to your store every dayb) How long each person stayed in your storec) Which “section” they browsed and which items they appeared interested ind) How long they looked at each of those itemse) Who referred them to your store so that you can send them a “thank you” giftf) Changing the look and feel of your store every day to see which “Look” makes you the most profit.

You can’t really do that with a regular store, but there are cheap and even free tools available - like Google Analytics - that let you do exactly that with your online store!

3. Fail Fast
Let’s say you just spent a whole bunch of money advertising in the classified section of your local newspaper. Now imagine getting the following statistics about your ad:
a) How many people viewed your adb) How many responded to your ad and called the number listed on your adc) How many of those who responded actually went on to purchase one or more of your productsd) Even if they don’t purchase anything, getting them to quickly give you their contact information so that you can follow up with them, send them free information about your product, keep sending them free stuff till they buy something from you.e) What happens when your ad doesn’t work? You have already paid for it, and it has already been printed and the paper has delivered. There is nothing you can do about it now, except run another expensive ad, and sit around waiting for the phones to ring.

You get the drift.
It is not only extremely difficult and expensive to get some of those statistics in the real world, but some of them are actually impossible to achieve [like (e) above]. But if you were advertising using Google’s Adwords, you could be reaching visitors on thousands of web sites, and you could test and tweak and experiment with your ad’s headline, body, your offer, and extensively track detailed statistics about your audience.

The Internet takes doing business to a whole new level and lets you do stuff that you cannot even imagine doing in the “real” world.So stay tuned to this blog as I walk you through how it is very much possible to realistically get a piece of this “e-commerce” pie.Because you can either get started now and be making money online in just days; or you can simply put this aside, go on with your life, and be completely left out of the party!

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Chinaewindow is a China electronics wholesale distributor, and provide variety of electronic products (cell phone,tablet pc,car dvd etc.) online wholesale with cheap prices.

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