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Should Private Investigators Use a Marketing Service?

     Are you having trouble with the marketing piece of your business? Getting the word out about who you are and what you do can build or tear down your enterprise. Could you use the help of a marketing service? Marketing requires either a dedicated portion of your time of hiring someone that is really knowledgeable in that area. Too many PI's leave marketing to chance and as a result suffer yo-yo case loads.

Getting the Word Out

As a private investigator, the main goal of your business is to "investigate." You work behind the scenes to find out information or solve problems for your clients. Depending on your area of expertise, deductive reasoning skills, the ability to proceed with caution and discreetness all play in your favor. But, people have to know that you exist before they can hire you. Word of mouth is not always a good bet because former clients may be reluctant to tell others why they used your services.

In order to make yourself known, you must shine the light on who you are and what you can do for others. That is what marketing is all about. There are several ways to market a business like yours - flyers, direct mail, newspaper ads, magazine ads, Internet marketing, website ownership and more.

What Type of Expertise do you need?

There is a bit of a learning curve to marketing. Think like a consumer who would use your services. Where would you look for help with a problem that required a private investigator? Would you ask a friend for a recommendation? What about a local Internet search? When you think like a marketer you are able to get yourself into the emotional state that your clients are in just before the moment they realize they need your services.

The starting point that many new Private Investigators make in trying to market their business is through a website. Just about everyone on the planet is connected to the Internet in some way - mobile phone, PC, laptop, tablet or netbook. With a website, people can do their own legwork and see if your services are right for them before they contact you. Some are afraid of websites because of the lingo and what it takes to manage it. Anyone can learn to run a small business website. There is information all over the Internet to help you.

Using a Marketing Service

Still, if you would rather concentrate on honing your skills and networking locally with your business, hiring a marketing service could be a viable option. No matter what, an online presence is not all you need to market your business. Our consumer research has shown that today only 10% of people use the Internet to hire a PI.

A good marketing service will offer a variety of services both off-line and on-line. Some off line services are direct mail, yellow pages, orchestrated referral systems and print ads. On-line services may include designing a business website for you, managing email marketing campaigns, optimized search engine rankings and more. Be sure that the service you choose understands private investigators and your needs. Choose a service with lots of customer support and a pricing tier for their options.

There's no harm in checking it out. You will still need to be involved in managing your site and content creation. A service makes it easier for you by handling the marketing pieces.

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Paul Beauchemin is the President of PI Profits, a Private Investigator focused marketing firm that is results-oriented for PI marketing, sales and customer service.To sign up for great marketing tips via email visit or call 1- (888) 344-0434 to schedule a complimentary best practice marketing investigation briefing.

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