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Should Your Website Include QR Code Design?

     A few years ago, the Internet came alive with Quick Response or QR codes, digital symbols similar to bar codes found on products of all types. Basically, these unique modules are an optical label for a person or a business that is attached to that signature. They are widely used for identification, marketing, and just plain fun as well; they can even be custom designed to look like more than just a lot of pixels in a square. The real questions that are being asked include: are these optical labels here to stay and should one be used by every company?

How They Work

The benefit to using QR codes correlates to the ease in which information can be transmitted via regular barcodes. Most of the adult population has some kind of a smart phone which include the ability to photograph and/or scan. With this in mind, these optical labels have been designed to be read by reader programs or apps that can be downloaded onto any mobile device.

Within the design are square black dots that contain specific shapes and elements to provide certain data to scanning applications and then translated as readable text. Usage includes being able to pass on messages, names, website addresses, and much more. A very favorable feature is that it takes up a relatively small amount of space, whether on a business card, packaging label, print advertisement, or almost anywhere.

A Gimmick Or Something Useful?

Well, the answer to that question is: yes and yes. The main idea behind QR code development and use was initially to provide as much information as possible about something in an easy and convenient way for the benefit of the linking owner on the internet. With a quick snap of an image on a smart phone, a link was given to find out everything a person, company, or organization desired in an interactive way.

The problem with QR codes is that there is a definite division in opinion about them and whether they are useful or simply a gimmick. There are beneficial uses for the entire idea; however, more and more it is being designed and used for fun or humorous objects like earrings, dice games, artwork, clothing, and more, much of which is more of a joke than an actual link to an advertisement. Although handy, it seems that QR codes have a higher entertainment value than usefulness.

Many marketers and designers continue to stand by the QR code and there are more and more being used; in the end, how many viewers are actually scanning them? That is the main question that needs to be determined. Research has indicated that some users find them useful and yet many others have no idea what they are or what to do with them.

To Code or Not To Code?

The answer to that question is a decision every company or brand needs to make individually. While these tiny coded designs are showing up in ingeniously creative ways - such as cupcake toppers at an event, consumer information on product labels, and on display placards so viewers can use them and gain more information about a product or service it only works if those viewers bother to scan them. There are definite benefits such as resource conservation - and most are free - however, they are only useful when actually used.

Since QR codes are free and provide yet one more way to advertise, many companies do use them and more will likely follow; there is certainly no harm to include them in an advertising campaign. Many internet designers feel that they are a fad with a limited lifespan and sooner or later, the fad will die out. Whether or not a company should use one depends on the need to have one, what the competition is doing, and if it could prove useful as a creative and unique way to attract attention with that unusual-looking QR code!

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