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Single Fateful Day in May

     One tooth is worked out at a time with the use of pliers to gently pull them out of their sockets and placing them on a paper laden tray. A few minutes later, the upper part of her mouth was left defenseless because its fence made of teeth have all evacuated into the dentist's tray.

The realization of both her fears and dreams transpired in a single day. This experience was extremely painful for the patient The hardships lasted for a great number of years. But all her efforts paid off because of the great benefit she has gained.

The removal of the periodontal disease that kept her company all these years dramatically revealed a movie star smile in this Twin Falls local as early as the entrance of the following month. She no longer needs to share her mother's option of removing a denture every night, thus sporting a toothless mouth.

The morning of her upper teeth extraction, she remembered looking at her mom when she was a kid and promising to herself that she would never do that. It was even a joy for her to lose all her teeth, she said.

She was the winner of The Worst Bite Contest under the facilitation of a cosmetic dentist in Twin Falls Her friend pushed her to join and she was bemused at the price at stake which was a total mouth revamp by a cosmetic dentist. In one of her appointments, the dentist said that he has long been waiting to perform a smile makeover. Pilot models of her anticipated smile were shown to her parallel to her preoperative pictures.

She says that it's like a dream, and she doesn't want to wake up. In the past, she would watch commercials and hope for those to happen to her.

This self employed woman has not been dentally insured for about 15 years, thus even if she does the regular care of the teeth such as flossing and brushing, she knew that it's just a matter of years before she loses every tooth she has because of her genetic condition. New cavities will regularly be birthed from the constantly falling fillings and the chipping enamel.

One look at the eroding bite and the gapped teeth, and the dentist knew his expertise will be challenged. Fitting her with a removable denture will not retard the bone loss in her jaw, so the dentist instead used a new technique called all on four wherein a permanent denture is affixed to four titanium posts and it is directly affixed in the bone.

He said she is the first patient to have this procedure done in their city. To provide the finishing touches of her makeover, veneers will be placed on her bottom teeth.

The company supplying the prosthetics for a TV show doing makeovers which has been internationally published is the same company that constructed the dentures. It employs a computer assisted design and fabrication to come up with the small screws and to create the appropriately shaped artificial teeth that comprise the implant dentures.

They also designed a plastic material shaped like a retainer with four holes placed following a certain measurement. This was used as a guide by the dentist as he placed holes with graduated bit that allows him to add holes in the bones of her jaw injuring or retracting her gums.

Pain is actually masked throughout the procedure using local anesthesia and drip, but still the gum tissue needs to be preserved for a faster recovery and minimal pain after the implant procedure.

Her expectation was met in the end, and that is to have a great smile that is meant to stay for a lifetime.

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