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Single Mothers in the United States

     When you stop and consider single mothers in the United States, you might not be shocked to find that the majority of the caregivers are going to be females. In fact approximately 73% of single mothers in the United States will be women compared to only 27% of single mothers that are male. If you stop and think about gender roles you will find that many individuals will describe females as the nurturers and they will be the individuals that are more likely to give their children emotional support.

While these thoughts and beliefs might be held by many, it is very important to realize that single mothers may have many different struggles and difficulties that they are going to be dealing with. Much of this will be related to financial assistance. For example, many single women with children are going to live below the poverty level and they are not going to have access to the assistance that they need. In fact, many of them will turn to family and friends in order to get the assistance that they might need to pay bills, feed their children, or for childcare so that they can work in order to provide for their children.

What you need to know is that there are services out there for single mothers that are in need of financial assistance. In fact, there are many different government options that you will have in order to help you get back on your feet. However, you must be able to identify what services you are in need of if to help you determine where you should begin. So, let us look at a few of the most common solutions that you might have available to you if you are in need of financial assistance as a single parent.

First off, if you are in need of financial assistance for housing then you will want to contact your state or county subsidized housing authority. Many times their contact information will be available in your local phone book. If you are not able to find this number then you can contact your local governmental services organization and they can direct you in the right direction. They may be able to help you find housing that you can afford in your immediate area. Other individuals have also found support through a new organization in the United States and Canada called CoAbode and this might be an option to consider as well. With this organization you might be able to find others that you can share housing costs with.

Next, if you are in need of financial assistance for food then mothers might be able to qualify for federal assistance or food stamps. In order to determine if you meet the federal guidelines for this type of service then you must contact your local social services agency. They will have all of the guidelines that you must meet in order to get financial assistance for food. Your income will help to determine just how much money you might be entitled to. The representative from the social services agency will be able to help you determine all of this.

What about single mothers that really want to return to college in order to get an education and to improve their lives? There will be financial opportunities for these individuals as well in the form of financial aid and grants. When you make the decision to return to college you are going to be expected to complete a FAFSA. This information will help to determine what grants you might be eligible for. Many single mothers might find that they are going to be able to receive a pell grant because they have demonstrated economic hardships. However, this can only be determined through your FAFSA.

Finally, it is important to remember that even though these services and opportunities might be available to you, it is important to remember that every state is going to have different guidelines that you must meet. You will also be required to complete a great deal of paperwork and forms. If you are serious about these services then you need to be willing to ask and answer questions. Be patient and follow of the guidelines to get the best results.

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