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So You Want To Design Your Own IPhone Case?

     One of the most popular trends revolving around the iPhone is that of customizing cases, and it's easy to see why. By obtaining and displaying a custom case, you are expressing your individuality and personalizing your rather bland looking device to your personal tastes and preferences, giving you a much more pleasing experience with your iPhone and turning the device into an attention-getting conversation starter. While there are many services available from which you can order customized iPhone cases, it's possible to go a step further, and save some money along the way, and design your own iPhone case. Doing so is simple; you just need a few supplies, a little bit of creativity and some spare time.

The first thing you will need is some clear iPhone cases. These are easily found online, and online auction sites are often a great place to find them at inexpensive prices, so you might even consider buying several. It is paramount that these cases match up with the model of iPhone you use so that all of the correct openings for buttons and the camera are in the appropriate places on the case.

Next, you will need something to use to decorate your new case. Thanks to the Internet, it is easy to find images which you can print out that match your style and taste, or if you prefer to use your personal photos, that is a great option as well. If you're feeling ultra creative, you can even design a mosaic with pieces of paper or paint an image onto the inside of the clear iPhone case.

If using printouts, photographs or colored paper, you will want to create a template on a separate sheet of paper. To do this, simply draw around the edge of your clear iPhone case and make sure to mark on the template where any openings on the case are, such as the location of the camera. Then, you can use this template to cut out the designs and decorations you are intending to show the world in the appropriate shape and size to fit snugly inside the clear iPhone case.

If you are painting the case, try to find paints specifically designed to stick to plastic. There are also clear plastic primers available from art and hobby supply stores. This will help to keep your designs from wearing off or not bonding to the case properly in the first place. By choosing to paint the case, you have almost total freedom of design here, and it is a perfect way to show off your painting skills and talent.

Once you've got your design ready to go, it's a simple matter of popping the case onto the iPhone. Another excellent bonus to using these sorts of homemade designs is that, once you decide you wish to have a new design, you can just pop off the case and place a new design in it. If you have painted two or three different iPhone cases these will serve the same purpose. You can even mix and match these techniques; paint a border or design on the case and select paper designs to slip in where there is no paint.

When it comes to custom iPhone cases, customization doesn't have to be a frustrating or expensive experience when you do it yourself!

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David Sheath is greatly experienced in the photo gifts industry. If you want to design your own iPhone case his store will certainly help you. His website Make Your Own Gift Ideas offers more than 400 fully customizable products that can be easily personalized with your own photos, logos, designs and text.

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