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Solomon Sculpture Gallery

     Debora Solomon is not just an artist of sculpture, that is a sculptor, she is also a lawyer, has a Master's Degree in Political Science, and has experience as a teacher. That makes her quite eclectic with a background that spans much farther than just that of an artist with her own online art gallery. This artist describes her sculpture as consciously using negative space in all of her work. She feels that both negative and positive space help define sculpture, and that intentionally using these as elements in the sculpture itself gives her work more importance throughout time. She has also experimented with using the negative space as the primary sculpture, meaning that which the viewer sees first, but the combination of the two spaces is what gives her sculpture its dynamic quality. Various pieces of her sculpture have been on display in shows in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Many fine pieces are available for purchase in her online sculpture gallery. This amazing gallery of various artistic sculpture has something to please even the most discriminating collector. Included in her gallery are such pieces as "The Wave," a piece that sets nicely into a black base or "The Curve," a Mexican Alabaster piece, both of which are true samples of the creative and unique style of this artist. Within this art gallery you can expect to find many more pieces of sculpture created by Ms. Solomon. With the unique combination of positive and negative forces that she includes in most of her pieces, clearly this art gallery will have a piece that will appeal to everyone.

With her online gallery, you can find many interesting pieces, such as "The Mask and Hand," that are representative of the unique style of this artist. Debora Solomon's gallery also includes various pieces that are typical of the art gallery and its offerings by this artist, of the beauty of women. This is reflected in the gallery's inclusion of pieces such as "Sitting Woman" and "Reclining Woman," both of which would tend to appeal to the collector who has a deep love and respect for woman as depicted in these selections of the online gallery. Truly amazing in the gallery is a sculpture called simply "The Couple," a piece that would be appropriate for display in any art gallery. The piece is not overly explicit in the way it portrays the couple as depicted by the art, so it is not something a gallery would need to regulate based on the age of the audience of viewers. This piece of art portrays an emotion of love as you view the emotional embrace shared by the couple in the sculpture.

Debora Solomon's online gallery is the perfect solution for those who do not have the time to visit a local art gallery. You not only have the time to browse at your leisure, but you can make your purchases as you see fit without the crowds, rush and pressure that you may experience in a walk-in art gallery. Take this opportunity for an online art gallery experience while enjoying the sculpture of a gifted and unique artist.

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Debora L. Solomon, Sculptor

Solomon Sculpture Gallery offers only the finest contemporary and modern sculpture. Unique pieces in alabaster and soapstone, as well as limited editions in bronze are available. Commissions are accepted. Please contact Solomon Sculpture Gallery for prices and for additional information at

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