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Some Of The Different Types Of Residential Properties In Chester

     Chester is a fine historic city with a population of around 77,000 people in the county of Cheshire which is near to the Welsh border. The city of has a wide variety of interesting residential properties, both in the town centre and in many of the outlying areas. These properties are a combination of new build projects, housing that was built over the last fifty years, and homes that were constructed in previous centuries since the time of Christ. Chester was given the status of a city in 1541, and people with an interest in historic buildings will notice that a great deal of the architecture in the city is Victorian. A lot of the built environment in the city makes use of the pleasant half timber format which originates from Jacobean architectural designers such as the renowned expert John Douglas, whose work is characterized by chimneys that are specially built by craftsman bricklayers to look twisted, and a good number of such chimneys can be seen on houses in and around the various environs of the city.

In more recent years, there was a major drive to build affordable housing in Chester during the 1950s and 1960s, in common with many areas of the United Kingdom after the austerity of the post-war years. This has led to the transformation of major tracts of agricultural land around the city into housing developments. The suburban area of Blacon is one of the outcomes, with its good range of residential properties for people to choose from. However all was not plain sailing with these new building projects. Some people with concerns about architectural conservation felt that the city was being altered by these changes in a detrimental way. As a result a report was published in 1968 which proposed that the ancient architectural styles of Chester are preserved and converted to modern uses in ways that were sympathetic to the architectural heritage of the buildings. A year later the city was designated as a Conservation Area, and numerous ancient buildings were saved for future generations to enjoy.

Today Chester has a wide array of different residential properties for every imaginable taste and budget under the sun. There are a wide variety of small studio flats, numerous one bedroom apartments and an even greater number of larger flats with more bedrooms, right up to the stunning luxury apartments that are lived in by wealthy residents. There are many prestigious mansions in their own gated environments which are home to wealthy people from the worlds of business, sport and entertainment. Many people will know about footballers, pop singers and entrepreneurs who have made their fortunes and settled down in the area. A lot of the restored mediaeval buildings in Chester have been converted into residential properties with great charm and character. For people with an appreciation of historic buildings, living in one of these conversions is a near perfect situation. You can have all the most modern conveniences and gadgets installed in the property while the actual original structure originates from centuries ago.

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