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South Americas Most Dangerous

     South America is a spectacular part of the world, with landscapes that range from Barron deserts to tropical jungles. Of course these spectacular landscapes are inhabited by a whole variety of creatures, which make South America what it is. Expansion within the region has put humans on an ever increasing collision course with these creatures, which can sometimes have deadly consequences. This article will focus on the top 5 most deadly.

At number five is the poison dart frog, which can be found anywhere between the rainforests of Costa Rica to the jungles of Brazil. The frogs exhibit psychedelic colours on their outer skin, which are used to warn off potential predators. Humans sometimes find it hard to resist touching or even picking up the frogs. This is however a fatal mistake as the psychedelic skin is lined with one of the most toxic poisons in the world. Just one drop of the venom has enough power to kill ten fully grown men. Its name is derived from the Indigenous Embera people who have used the venom for centuries to tip the ends of their blow gun darts.

The Jaguar is another one of the most feared predators that roams the Amazonian basis. It is by no means aggressive and will shy away from any human activity. However humans are increasingly encroaching on the Jaguar's habitat, which is forcing more and more encounters with this heavyweight cat. It suddenly becomes a fearsome predator when backed into a corner or if it considers itself under threat. The best advice when encountering one is to make yourself look big. Never run or play dead as this will trigger an instinctive attack.

The Anaconda is part of the boa constrictor group of snakes, which have the power to crush their prey's respiratory system, before then consuming them whole. They can grow up to six metres in length and feed predominantly off a diet of small mammals and birds. The Anaconda easily has enough power within its clutches to crush a human, and there have been several known cases. The best advice when roaming these regions is to never travel alone, and to always carry weaponry. The snake will need to be shot or severely cut in the event that it has grabbed someone. Pay particlaur attention to low lying marshes as this snake is amphibious.

The piranha occupies the number one spot owing to their population size and closest proximity to humans. They are found in large numbers right across the Amazon River and its subsequent tributaries. They are capable of swarming in huge numbers, whereby they can quickly overturn their prey by consuming their flesh. Whole mammals can be reduced down to a skeleton, which led to a few Hollywood blockbuster films. However unlike in the movies it is not common to see piranhas kill humans. They do however share a love for shallow water with human inhabitants, and can easily mistake a foot for that of a fish. Unfortunately many people then lose their feet through infection / amputation.

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