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Spirit Of God And The Daughter Of Zion

     The confusion about God and what is coming in the last days has to do with identity. God is Spirit! It was never a man and consequently has no sex. Therefore it never fathered a child and cannot be manipulated by men. Read Isaiah 45:4-8.

The New Testament, which opposes this, was compiled by Jerome on the orders of Damasus, the then Bishop of Rome, at the end of the 4th CAD. He left messages in his diaries and letters about how he took the writings from around the empire and decided on what sounded good. The book of Matthew reproducers the story of Chrishna (Krishna) the third person of the Vedic trinity and was most likely written by him as it contains the laws of the Church. This is where the idea of three gods arose. Jerome wrote of the way he changed things in the OT to make them align with his creation.

Jerome took the festivals, calendar, instruments, order of mass, and the laws from the Imperial Roman Religion and applied them to the fledgling Catholic Church which was established by Constantine in 325 AD.

The emperor is identified in Revelation 13:13-18 as 666 and it was he who invented Jesus Christ, according to that reference. He then forced everyone to worship the image. He built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter, 'i-pita' in Italian, and the first Christian churches. All branches of Christianity arose from this.

The Spirit is jealous for its children, who are called the House of Israel. They have nothing to do with the Jews or the House of Judah and they know and serve God. They have been tested throughout the course of the day of the lord, which is 4,000 years long. They are the children mentioned in Job that were given over to the dark mountains (Satan) to be tried there These dark institutions are the religions that have manufactured their own gods and tried to change the nature of the Spirit to suite their purposes.

'Satan' is from 's-tan' and it means 'light of the sun' because all religions are born of sun worship and Babylon. Those who occupied that city were the Amors and they invaded Rome and built their next Capital there after Mari, the previous one, was destroyed by earthquake. 'Roma' reversed is 'amor'.

Constantine is a descendant of this nation and is the Amorite of Amos 2:9 that God promised to destroy. In Jeremiah 31:22 it states that this will be done by a woman. She is called the daughter of Zion in Micah 4:10-13 and she was sent to Babylon to uncover the roots of the wall that has separated the spiritual from the truth. 'Ma-r-I' means 'mother's powerful eye' and in English this is Mary, whom he instated as the Mother of God.

Jesus Christ came about in the middle of the day, that is c2,000 years ago, and in Isaiah 59:10 it explains how it brought about the darkness that saw most groping as if blind while searching for light. Jeremiah 31:22 states that the work of Constantine will be removed by the daughter of Zion who is here now and doing the job of exposing him so that the world will know the truth.

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The Internet allows this information to be given for free.Prophecy states it will be given by a woman who will be the voice of God at the end. Also read about Mount Zion

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