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Spray Tanning Machines Deliver Results for Everyone

     Spray tans are often applied by a beauty worker, but they can also be applied using spray tanning machines: special booths which are built to deliver just the right amount of spray tan solution. High-quality professional booths come with draining and ventilation systems which put your safety first. Although DHA is perfectly safe to use, it shouldn’t be inhaled. If you do choose to go for a manual application by the beautician, rather than the spray tanning machines in booths, make sure that s/he is well trained and aware of the danger involved when spraying near your nose and mouth.

Advanced spray tanning machines offer you the option of deciding just how dark you want your tan to be. Some people – such as blondes or red heads – don’t suit very dark tans, and will be looking for more of a golden, glowing effect. However, many brunettes love the deep brown exotic look. If the spray tanning machines which your salon uses are top-range, they should be flexible enough to deal with these different demands.

The concentration and darkness of your tan is determined by the amount of DHA used in the tanning solution. These solutions can differ by up to 300% in their concentration of DHA! This variation is incredibly useful, giving spray tanning techniques the ability to cater for all sorts of different skin tones. Medium skin tones are typically treated with a concentration of around 9% or 10% DHA – if it turns out too light for you after 24 hours you can have another treatment to darken the end result. Find out before tanning whether your salon offers this follow-up service for free or at a discount. It’s a good way to do things, because if you’re too light, it can be easily modified with another application – but once you’re too dark, there’s nothing you can do but wait for it to fade naturally.

For fair skinned tanners, lighter solutions of DHA are available – going down to concentrations as low as 5%. Consult your beautician to find out which concentration will look most natural on your colouring. If you have a darker skin tone, concentrations of DHA are available which go up to 15%.

Not many people know that what you do before and after your spray tanning session will have an enormous impact on your eventual look. People with the best, most natural and longest lasting spray tans prepare for their sessions by thoroughly cleaning and exfoliating their skin in the shower. You can use a loofah or exfoliating glove to do this. It’s natural for skin to shed and replace itself regularly – but once you’ve exfoliated your body, all the old, dead skin from the past couple of weeks will be removed. This will leave the surface to be sprayed completely made up of new and receptive skin, which won’t start to age and shed for a couple of weeks – and will also allow the DHA to cling to the skin better, as it is less coarse.

Preparing your skin prior to application will yield the best results and maximize your new tan. To prepare for a spray tanning you should thoroughly clean and exfoliate your skin by taking a shower and using a loofah sponge. This will remove the dead skin and allow the DHA to adhere better to the first layer of your epidermis.

So now that you know a few insider tips about spray tanning machines, get down to your local salon and bronze that skin! For an even, natural yet striking look, spray tanning is the way to go.

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Richard Warden is the Managing Director of Helionova and first launched UV tanning equipment in the UK market at Salon International in 1977 and recommends you visit the Sunless Tanning website for more information on spray tanning machines.

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