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Starstepper The Apache Medicine Man Is For Fun

     Why do we write, we at HubPages? It seems to me we write to create joy. And we write with enthusiasm for our topic. As we write we anticipate our reward will equal the joy we create. We hope to come full circle. Joy at the start, joy in the journey, joy in the return. It all comes back to us. We want our reader to come with us. We want to share the scenery; the joy of the ride.

I am a senior citizen who just turned 61 August 29, 2013. No great shakes there but surviving 61 years of this mad house called Life makes me one proud old boy. Very proud, all things considered. I wrote Starstepper with my brother. He asked me to write a story about an Indian who could turn into any animal of his choice. I did the rest. But he rejoined down the road as I created more Starstepper stories. Originally it was called Cloudwalker but that got pirated by I don't know how many others since. So I felt I had to change it, regrettable as it feels.

I wanted to entertain others with my ability to make up a fun, imaginative adventure story. A story that would lift my reader from his or her daily discomfort, whatever it may be, and put her where she is experiencing pure fun inside, even if for only a few otherwise idle minutes. The main features of the story, I hope , are imagination, adventure, and the wonder of the possibly imposable, in this absolutely unlikely and astounding world. (Say what you will about God and His creation but I guarantee it will hold your attention!) And perhaps some small wisdom might be shared as well. By doing so I might make some good friends. Even friends for life who might appreciate me and enjoy me in any number of wonderful ways! Maybe my brother would too. Not a bad aim at all, it seems to me, after all.

Yes, I want to create joy for myself and my reader. I want to communicate my enthusiasm for my story with the telling of it. In this way my reader will enjoy my writing as much as I do. Therefore, it will be a success and the joy I build will come back to me doubled. I will then feel it was worth the effort. So will my reader. It takes both to make it happen. That is my philosophy as a writer. It always has been. The characters that share Starstepper's world are as unlikely as he is. And equally amazing in capacities and intention.

Some of them carry huge, world changing responsibilities because the bad guys are so bad. And so powerful. Except the Big Boss. He hasn't been quite himself these days. But he is working on it. His nurse is helping in the meantime, so don't worry about him too much. Starstepper doesn't.

The setting is a Chicago type town during the days of Al Capone. And Starstepper, an immortal Apache medicine man of long before, lives in a run down hotel in a rundown neighborhood where the Big Boss, is, well, the Big Boss. He runs into Starstepper for the first time when his hoods show up at the hotel Starstepper has just moved into to collect their "protection money." It is bad for business, and the local economy, I understand, but Starstepper does not share their values. As a magical, immortal Apache medicine man who can turn into turn into any of the animals for work or play, his bag of tricks is a lot better that theirs when push comes to shove. What's the Big Boss gonna do now? He must have respect. There must be a way. There is, isn't there?

Another colorful character in Starstepper's life is the Tattooed Time Traveler, a historian from hundreds and hundreds of years into the future. He happened upon Starstepper while searching for antique tattoo designs for his work at HubPages and has needed his help many times over. You might say they are best of friends, although they have never discussed the matter. One of my favorite stories in the book features the Tattooed Time Traveler. As an example, its title is Starstepper And The And The Flickering Tattoos Of Living Fire.
People who have read it say it is one of their favorites.

But do you really want to spend $2.99 on a Kindle book by some old guy from HubPages who might not be all that good of a writer anyway? After all, there are plenty of great, established and famous writers with proven track records who have their books priced just as low. Good question, but people who have read my book, admittedly friends, tell me they genuinely enjoyed it. Gary Hughes posted a customer review on it at Amazon where he says it reminds him of the stories his father and grandfather used to tell the family in the evening gatherings at bed time. He says further the stories are quick and easy to read and perfect when you want to relax with a good story when you need to kill a few minutes when waiting for what ever. He says they are great escapism tales. And you can refund it with the click of the mouse. I really don't mind if you do for any reason. Maybe you will be back later.

And a reader named Wendy also found them very much worth the time it took to read them. The intro story, by the way, is no longer posted here at HubPages, and I also lost the HubPages post of one of the last stories, Starstepper And The Battle Of The Open Hand, which brings Starstepper's early beginnings as a child in a village under attack full circle. He returns through time, with the help of an Native American Angel, to visit his parents shortly before the fatal attack the killed them all. But that's OK. They are included in the book.

All in all, I can say the writing and publishing of my first Kindle book has been an enjoyable experience and was easy enough to do. I am also hopeful that the joy I wish to share and the enthusiasm I wish to convey will hit its mark. The doing of it all has given the me a real good start. I reccomend the same for anyone who writes. Give it a try!

Copyright (c) 2013 Wrath Warbone

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You might enjoy Starstepper And The Flickering Tattoos of Living Fire to learn more or visit the Starstepperdescription page at AmazonWrath Warbone

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