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Strategies For Playing PaiGow Poker Online

     Essentially a game of chance but one that lets you put your skills to good use paigow poker is immensely popular for its simple yet meaningful strategic game play. Once understood the game can be played in online casinos on money wagers.

The rules for this game are simple. A deck carrying 53 cards which includes the joker is used. The joker is only semi-wild which means it can be used in place of a card of ace or it can be placed amid a combination of cards to furnish a straight set, a flush, or straight flush as well as a royal flush. Once you make your bet the dealer hands out a deal of seven cards to you and his own self.

These cards are separated into a set of five cards that hold highest value, and second set containing two lower value cards. The dealer does the same with his cards and the set having maximum poker value wins. If there's a tie, then the game goes to banker. On winning both, the higher and low hand sets, a player wins equal money on bet and if he loses one while winning the other the bet is said to be a 'push'.

Different strategies help gain advantage on opponents. Most paigow poker variants use 53 cards and involve dealing of seven cards to each player including the dealer.

On getting the cards quickly decide how to divide available cards into correctly planned five and two card sets. Playing the game the 'house way' means you follow the strategy which is to be taken up by house dealer. Here, in absence of any pair, a straight or a flush you'll have to start the first set with card having highest rank, and second set with two subsequent ranking cards. If you have one high pair but the other pair has low cards, it's better if you place the lower in the second set.

Your seven cards hand may reveal two clear pairs of cards. If you have at least one Ace pair, choose to split. Split also when you get a pair of face-cards and second pair that is higher than sixes. However, refrain from splitting when you land up with two pairs, both being at value six and lower. For any other two-pair combination you may split the cards unless there's an Ace. If so, place the Ace with second set.

If the pairs don't have weak cards, place both pairs in first set and high cards in second set. A player having three pairs in cards at hand should place the highest pair in second set of two cards. Having a full house dealt with can be used by placing three similar cards in set one and pair in set two. You can split three similar cards of higher value for making a pair for set two, and use the remaining card which should be lowest of them in value in the set one.

It's a flush if you play with a five-card set, a six card set with highest card in second set and a two-pair flush if you follow rule of making two pairs. In Royal flush you play the hand of five cards with either one or two pairs. It's split if you retain either a flush or straight in set one and place a pair, ace or king in set two.

If you fancy a change from poker check out the live roulette at and read why the uk TV channels are overloaded with this wonderful game.

If you fancy a change from poker check out the live roulette at

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If you fancy a change from poker check out the live roulette at and read why the uk TV channels are overloaded with this wonderful game.

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