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Supergod, The God of All the Gods

     There was a time, when far from here, in Endless Spaces, there was a kind of perfect spiritual creatures who have decided that they will live forever.

For a very long time, they had been searching for the source of their eternal life. And after quite a research they have finally found it. They have figured out the way how to be eternally young.

They have built up giant spheres balls, inside of which they have created a closed reality by means of suitable "all matter" from Endless Spaces.

The being enters the ball and then, by means of a special mathematics, it creates a formula, accordingly to which all the all matter in it will be used. The goal of this work is the inception of such an environment that makes possible for the perfect being to rejuvenate & regenerate its spiritual body completely.

Within such a ball, universes use to be created and galaxies in every one of them with solar systems and planets. Diverse spiritual and material worlds, various kinds of spiritual and material beings that all together enable the perfect spiritual creature that has created them to fully transform and renew its spiritual body, and so to stay alive and young forever.

Wait, I forgot to say the most important thing. Among the beings that use to be created by the perfect spiritual creature we can find us people, too. And because the perfect spiritual creature uses to create even gods, we are free to call it Supergod, who is the God of all the gods. And our universe is finding itself within one of the giant balls I spoke about.

I would bet that you are very curious to know more and regarding this I have some good news for you. More detailed explanation is posted on my personal web site that you can visit to download writings that will satisfy your hunger for the necessary knowledge. Here is a small example of what you can find there:

"As far as the character of our Supergod is concerned, he is not obviously good neither obviously evil. He is universal. And when he causes living creatures to suffer, then not because he would delight in it (in fact, only a micro-piece of his personality delights in it and not he as a whole, because he is not that evil), but he only takes it for a necessity to fulfill his intentions, above all. From his point of view, what matters most is the preservation of himself and of own personal happiness, and of own kind and the happiness of its members. And all the other is subordinated to it. And if other kinds suffer because of it, their suffering is tolerated to such an extent that corresponds to the character of Supergods, which is not a self-contained Evil, but its combination with Good. Personally, I believe, that partly, even though maybe not fully, they let the other kinds suffer only to make them themselves be more well-off."

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