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The 2001 'Angel' Crop Circle Revelation

     Crop Circles are geometrical patterns found on crop fields. These patterns have oddities, and difficult to comprehend. Some say that crop circles are produced by aliens or extraterrestrial beings while they were visiting Earth while some say that it is the product of physics. For many centuries that the phenomenon has been discovered, none of the best brains on Earth have solved the mystery. There are already numerous research conducted on crop samples found on crop circles but all findings only suggest the difference between the crops found inside the circle and crops found outside.

An intriguing comet impact formation was reportedly photographed on Jupiter's terrain in 1994 and followed by the discovery of an almost-the-same formation in one of the crop fields found in Magog Down in 2001. Also summer in 1994, another crop formation was discovered in England that depicts the formation left by a comet impact on Jupiter. Local residents including researchers called the crop circle in Magog Down as the Angel crop circle because it has formations that symbolizes an angel. The formation was discovered on July 25, 2001. The formation was already seen on Jupiter's surface after the Hubble Space Telescope photographed some part of Jupiter's terrain. Some analysts suggest that the comet impact on Jupiter in 1994 was a sign that humans have to partake.

As the G-impact occurred on Jupiter on July 26, 1994, the Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture the most significant event on Jupiter in the entire human history. It appeared that the Angel crop circle in 2001 has the same formations showed on Jupiter while the impact was taking place. Scorpion design formed in May and became graded arcs of circles as the impact of the comet pulverized the crash site of Jupiter's terrain.

In 2004, an unknown crop circle enthusiast emerged himself and alluded that the crop formations seen in Magog Down has the same patterns to G-Impact on Jupiter. Many crop circle enthusiasts reacted that the two events have significant messages to humanity. Some religious groups suggest that the formations simply foretell that a supernatural beings do exist and, however, not visible to humans' eyes and equipments.

Some local residents in Magog Down including tourists that there is a healing power that has the ability to medicate any Earthling illness when getting inside the circle. According to research that there is no truth that the crop formation in Magog Down could heal any forms of diseases or illnesses. However, it was also stated that there are changes on structures in plants cells, and soils are magnetized. It seemed that the crops have undergone intense pressure and magnetic processes that made them stable while remained on its position.

Many have tried to explicate the long-before phenomenon but none of them has successfully identified and explained how they are created, who created them, and why they are created. In this world with full of mysteries, crop circles are one of the paranormal phenomena that suddenly occurred on Earth with no markings or any traces of their birth. As the times of humanity keeps evolving, it may come to a point that an explanation to the anticipated phenomenon may be unfold. May be it's not the time yet to know the truth.

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Crop Circles have always been intriguing because of its unexplained formations and unexplained origins. If you are a skeptic enthusiast of crop circles, I am inviting you to visit and be astonished to different recently reported crop circles around the world.

Gill Sugapong - The Founder of DailyTechTimes Online Media

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