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The advantages of solid wood over particle board Kitchen Cabinets

     When selecting kitchens, it is important to think about numerous factors. Obviously, the factor that most buyers immediately think about is the look of the cabinet: the design of the doors, type of handles, and overall style. While design and style are important, they are not the main point to think about. In fact, if a customer hopes to sustain their kitchen cabinets for years to arrive, the structure and material of the cabinets is, by far, the most important point of all.

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for methods to cut price, but when it comes to some house, it's better to spend a small additional and include much more to the home’s general value. When provided the choice of 2 kinds of materials for their kitchens, consumers should carefully consider their options before producing a decision. In an work to cut expenses, many manufacturers are creating the cabinet box or base from particle board and then utilizing something sturdier for that doors. All solid wooden cabinets are more pricy, and, at very first glance, the consumer may not see a lot distinction as to the way the cabinet looks, but, no matter how appealing the reduce price tag might look, particle board cabinets are definitely a poor choice in the long run.

If one has actually had the unfortunate occasion of placing a cold beverage on a lower end piece of furniture only to watch the condensation ring gradually puff up and increase, then they've seen one from the numerous ill results of particle board. Particle board, or press board, is made by pressing and gluing many wood chips together to form a solid surface area, leaving the substance weak and vulnerable to liquid and pressure. Liquid that leaks onto the surface will seep down between the compressed pieces of wood creating them to expand and take on a bread-like texture that crumbles on get in touch with. Also, since it is numerous small pieces of wooden, the general strength from the substance is lessened, making it unfeasible for heavy countertop materials. Particle board cabinets may look just fine when first set up, but, all it requires is unattended standing water, an accidental collision in between a broom manage and also the cabinet corner, or heavy countertops applying constant stress, and soon, the stunning cabinets is going to be ruined.

Solid wood cabinets carry the elegance of the natural wood grain, are powerful and supportive of any counter top material, even granite, and are certain to stand the test of time. Solid wood will not puff up and swell, and it'll not start to crumble on the corners. Just a glance at solid wooden pieces over 100 years old will show that wooden maintains its beauty and elegance for many, many years. Though much more pricey within the starting, selecting solid wood over particle board for cabinets will add both elegance and value to the home. Don’t forget to consider this post before you do the kitchen remodeling.

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