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The Benefits of a Professional Mold Inspection Report

     Mold growth is everywhere, even if a home does not have a serious mold problem tiny amounts of growth may be present indoors on refrigerator gaskets, in shower grout, on window sills, and in AC systems. The spores that are produced by molds are also everywhere because spores are tiny airborne seed-like particles that are designed to float on the weakest of air streams. In a normal healthy home it is common to find a few hundred spores per a cubic meter of air, this is normal and expected.

When mold spores settle and start to grow in a moist indoor environment, mold growth, spore levels, and mold odor levels may become problematic. It is common for indoor molds to affect persons even with mild asthma and allergy.

The initial start of mold growth can be deterred by keeping indoor areas free from dampness and humidity, without water mold will not grow.

If water intrusion has occurred, or if humidity has been above 60% RH then mold may be a problem and you may need the services of a mold inspector and inspection report.

Some signs that recent water damage or humidity problems have caused a problem that warrants a professional investigation are:

1) Mold growing visibly on drywall.

2) Mold discovered hidden behind wallpapers, inside AC units, under carpets, or behind and under furniture, these are common areas for hidden mold problems.

3) Mold odor is a serious warning sign that something is wrong, in this inspector's opinion and experience if you can smell mold it is enough to make many people sick.

4) Allergy or asthma that occurs when indoors then that disappears when away from the building in question is also a sigh that something is wrong.

When you have any of the above referenced signs then contacting a certified mold inspector to prepare a report is highly recommended.
Most people and some mold inspectors believe the job of an inspector is to take air samples. Air samples alone are often a waste of money; much more is involved in an inspection.
Make sure the mold inspection firm sends out a qualified, professional, certified, and where applicable licensed mold inspector who takes charge of the whole situation.

The inspector should:

Visit the property and conducts an interview to find out the homes history of water problems.

They should inspect the areas of concern.

Measures the humidity and moisture levels.

Check the AC and ventilation system.

Inspects the building structure.

Do sampling work.

Interprets the lab report.

Finally he or she should produce a comprehensive mold inspection report based on all the above findings.

The mold inspection report is of immense significance and of great
assistance to you and your family members:

This report is a valid 3rd party verification from a certified
mold inspector who authenticates, and confirms the mold problem and recommends a remedy to resolve the mold problem.
The mold inspection report also gives us a picture regarding building problems such as roof leaks, humidity problems, and plumbing leak locations etc.
Many allergy doctors will request a mold inspection reports to confirm if their patient's complaints or ailments are related to mold growth indoors.
The mold inspectors report is useful for house owners who buy new homes.
Builders are saved by this report from serious losses. They can have mold problems diagnosed and corrected before the situations worsen. Correcting the problem in a timely manner will save his reputation, money and time.

If you have a mold problem then contact a certified mold inspector to provide a detailed and professional mold inspection report.

Daryl Watters is a certified mold inspector and developer of mold inspection reporter software that aids in preparing computer generated mold inspection reports. To visit our sites:click here here or click here.

Daryl Watters is a certified mold inspector and developer of mold inspection reporter software that aids in preparing computer generated mold inspection reports. Visit

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Daryl Watters is a certified mold inspector and developer of mold inspection reporter software that aids in preparing computer generated mold inspection reports. To visit our sites: click here here or click here.

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