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The Benefits of the Elliptical Machine

     Ever since they came onto the exercise scene some years ago, numerous elliptical machines have been installed in homes and health spas. The only real breakthrough in aerobic training in the past few years has been the elliptical trainer. They are for real, they really work and they have numerous benefits.

This piece of fitness equipment combines the simplicity of the stair climber with the natural stride of the treadmill. You stand comfortably in an upright position on this machine and stride in either a reverse of forward motion, while you hold onto its handrails.

This fitness trainer is unique because it will provide you with a weight bearing workout while only putting minimum stress on your joints. When you are on this machine, your feet donít leave the pedals and you eliminate all of the impact during your workout. Regardless of the resistance level or if you are going in reverse or forward, there is less of a chance of getting injured as a result of the overuse of single group of muscles.

Weight resistant workouts burn calories more effectively and efficiently and build bone density while weight bearing exercises such as aerobics, hiking, and running benefits the body in ways that non weight bearing exercises such as cycling and like canít.

For the people who want to trim down by burning calories, the weight bearing leg/arm exercises increases the expenditure of energy during exercises of moderate intensity in people who are overweight. There have been some studies recently that have determined that the expenditure of energy in people who were overweight was greater on an elliptical machine than by cycling or walking on a treadmill, without and with motion of the upper body. For those people who are overweight and are trying to start a regular exercise program in order to reduce their amount of excess body fat, this fitness trainer will increase the expenditure of energy.

The intensive, low impact, cardiovascular workout that this trainer provides is achieved by natural and smooth motion. The non jarring, fluid motion makes this fitness trainer perfect for people who have problems with their joints, hips, knees, or back. The machines have a dual action that uses both the arms and the legs to provide a full lower and upper body workout.

During the past ten years, there have been motion studies that have determined that the human foot moves in an elliptical pattern as we jog, run, or walk. This fitness trainer support and imitates this motion and is rapidly becoming the most popular type of cardiovascular equipment.

These days, people have so little time in their lives it is nice to know that they can get a truly beneficial total body workout in so little time. This fitness trainer exercises the entire body and will meet the three goals that most people want the most which are motivation, time efficiency, and weight loss.

A total body workout should involve much more muscle mass than an aerobic exercise activity. For most people, reducing the perceived rate of exertion, building muscle endurance that is time efficient, burning calories, and reducing excess fat is a function of a larger muscle mass being involved in the exercise. The lower and upper body exercise of this fitness trainer uses the biceps, triceps, back, chest, gluteus, hamstrings, and the quadriceps.

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