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The Hypnotic Nail Biting Cure

     Nail biting is perhaps the most common bad habit that people share. While it isn't as dangerous as smoking or overeating there are a number of drawbacks to biting your nails. First off it is seen as being impolite socially to bite your nails in front of someone. Secondly it can lead to a number of health problems such as bacterial and viral illnesses, as well as infections. Thirdly it can also cause damage to your teeth and gums.

So what is the solution to this problem?

Well, recent scientific studies have concluded that the most effective form of treatment for nail biters is hypnosis. At first glance that may seems a little strange, isn't hypnosis just for people looking to quit smoking or lose weight?

While hypnosis is most commonly used for those goals there are a number of other issues hypnosis can be used to treat including IBS, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of confidence, phobias, intimacy problems, poor sleep patterns and, as we now know, nail biting. The list of what hypnosis can treat is in fact longer than this, but for the sake of brevity I have just used this shortened version.

Right now you may be asking yourself "how does hypnosis cure nail biting?". To answer that question we must first look at how hypnosis works in general. A recent study partaken at Hull University in England showed that people who had been put under hypnosis had decreased activity in the parts of the brain linked with daydreaming. Psychologist Dr. Michael Heap said that this points towards hypnosis opening up the mind to accepting suggestions.

Taking that in mind, it stands to reason that hypnosis can be used to make suggestions to someone that they no longer wish to bite their nails, much in the same way as it may be suggested that they no longer want to smoke or overeat.

There are three hypnotic techniques in particular that are used in helping someone who is looking for a nail biting cure. The first of which is association. This is a simple hypnotic technique that makes the client associate the act of nail biting with something vile. For example a hypnotherapist may mention the fact (and this is true) that there is fecal bacteria under your nails, so whenever you put your nails in your mouth you are putting all that nasty bacteria in your mouth. This is particularly effective for the more squeamish.

The second hypnotic technique is substitution. Substitution is used to change one action into another. For example when you feel the urge to bite your nails a hypnotherapist may anchor this desire to giving your chin a quick scratch. This is a much healthier behavioral pattern that works best with people who consciously decide to bite their nails.

The third hypnotic technique that is used as a nail biting cure is anchoring. Anchoring is, in a way, like a combination of association and substitution. It is used to anchor a physical action with a psychological reaction. So when a person sees their fingers going towards their mouth to bite their nails they receive a nasty taste in their mouth (such as their least favorite food) which snaps them out of completing the action of nail biting.

I hope this article has helped you to understand how hypnosis works and why it is such as effective cure for nail biting.

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HypnoBusters is the leading hypnosis site on the internet. One of their most popular products is their Nail Biting Hypnosis MP3.

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