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The Journey Of Cady McClain, Soap Diva

     There are those rare artists among us who are destined to mature, to blossom and to grow.

Through some kind of metamorphosis as is the case in Cady McClain's ever evolving transformation. It is as though her gifts and abilities continue to fine tune themselves and this allows Cady to constantly improve as an artist and a person.

This marvel occurs every time Cady looks within herself as she finds different ways to reach out to us us and touch us all with her wonder and beauty of her self, her music and her acting.

Cady McClain describes herself as a woman who is 'curvy,' 'soft' and a 'great 'dancer.' Cady admits that people have also told her that she looks a little like Jody Foster but with curves.

She was voted one of Daytime's soap operas, 'most beautiful women.' Cady also thinks of herself as an actor, writer and musician.

Her father was of Irish and Mexican descent who left her when she was 12. Her mother is of Swiss and German descent who ''gave me my creativity since she was an artist and taught me all about art,'' she says.

Cady was born in Burbank California and raised in Laguna Nagel, California. She also spends time in New York City especially now since she currently stars as Dixie on 'All My Children.' This is a recurring role for her and she has now been back on the daytime show for the past six months.

Even when she was 9 years old, Cady McClain had the look to sell most products. She began her career as one of the 'stick on us' Band Aid kids and quickly learned that she could get almost anything she wanted from those who would pick or use her to sell their products.

''There was a price, however,''she says, ''I was a product and not just a little kid anymore'' and Cady soon learned how to sell herself.

As a young teenager growing up in the '80's Cady was working regularly and she was getting checks in the amount of $5-10,000 each.

''Which to me was a lot of money. I used that money to help my family.'' Cady says.(her mom was ill and Cady was very supportive to the person she loved the most in the world back then.)

Cady's acting ability steadily improved and in no time she was awarded with two Emmy's. One for her role as ''Dixie, the little girl in ''All my Children, back in the 90's.

She also received an Emmy as Rosanna Cabot, the rich, beautiful bitch in, ''As the World Turns,'' in 2003.

''Dreams come true by listening to the little voices from within and believing in yourself,'' Cady says. When her mother passed away when she was 25 ''I found my inner strength due to having to live with death because my mother was ill for a long period of time.''

Cady has been writing music since her early twenties and through the support of friends and loved ones continues to write music that Cady hopes will soon inspire us all.

Since '93 Cady has been performing in clubs in New Orleans and recently was involved in assisting artists who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina so they could earn a little money by playing in New York clubs and venues.

''Writing songs are like writing a poem,'' Cady says, ''songs are rhythmic stories, some songs are like prayers. I tell truths inside of riddles,'' she reveals.

She is most inspired and influenced by the music, she admits of Grammy winner, Shawn Covin, who has been an early influence and whose music she just adores.

Cady has recently teamed up with, Emily Lazar who is best known for her outstanding mastering, editing and studio work. Emily has also worked with David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Madonna.

Emily is now an admirer of Cady's and she has assisted her on Cady's first CD, entitled 'Blue Glitter Fish' which is a compilation of Cady's own songs. This CD has eleven songs on it including a hidden track at the end.

George Walker Petit who she met through friends is now her producer and has worked closely with her on her new CD. He says, ''her music is heart wrenchingly beautiful.''

The songs on her CD include ''Silence,'' which is a love song, and ''My Guitar'' which is a heavy rock song, and 'Dreamer,' which is a dark dance tune which could be used in a seedy bar or strip club.

'It is about a guy who can't move forward and or a song about those of us who go to places to lick our wounds, and I feel for people like that,'' Cady says.

Her new album, Blue Glitter Fish also has her favorite, 'Africa,' which is a song which is evocative of the mystery that is Africa. 'We all have our Africa's inside of us which include the mysterious, dark and unexplored.''

Larry Flick from Sirius Satellite Radio is a big fan of Cady's musical talents and he just interviewed her on his radio show and played some of her latest songs to the delight of Cady and already she has caught the attention of many more new music fans who were listening to her music and interview.

One cannot wonder at the beauty and essence of this remarkable and talented woman, especially when she says things like, ''I have learned to forgive and I have learned to appreciate all that is beauty and the humbling quality of love and being in love and making creative and harmonious music.''

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