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The Key To Better Singing Is Breath Control

     No matter what your level of singing proficiency there are some things you can do to improve. You may just be starting out with your singing and want to get better or you may already know what you are doing. In either case there are some tips that everyone can use to help improve your singing voice.

A lot of people think singing is easy. However, all of the singers you like to listen to have put in a lot of work. The reality is that singers are athletes in every sense of the word. The primary muscles they must develop are their vocal cords. There are other support muscles also that include your diaphragm etc. for support. But a singer's major training should focus on developing their vocal cords. As your vocal cords develop you will find that your singing improves in terms of timbre, pitch, stamina and even agility. There is no substitute for exercise when it comes to developing a muscle. So do your singing exercises regularly and don't skip a session.

How to Train Your Voice - The Fundamentals

You might like to rock out or harmonize or even give operatic solos. The fundamental voice training aspects would still apply for all of those types of singers.

How to Train Your Voice -Posture

Proper singing posture is a very important thing for any singer to learn. However, you should understand that it is not just your posture that is important. You should understand that proper posture encourages you to use your diaphragm properly. You need to fill your air from down in the diaphragm to become a truly accomplished singer. Proper posture just helps you do this easier.

How to Train Your Voice -Breathing

Great singers have great breathing technique. You cannot really be a great singer without great breathing technique. For singers proper breathing means that you raise up the soft palate at the back of your mouth while lowering or energizing your diaphragm. The combination of these two things gives your the ultimate in breath control.

How to Train Your Voice -Energized Phonation

Once you have learned the best way to fill your body with air and support it you must now learn how to control all that air. Practice this by making a hiss sound and stretch your diaphragm. The goal is to hold a long and most importantly steady hissing sound. Repeat this idea until you have mastered it. Once you have good and consistent control over this sound try adding a bit of a buzzing sound by vibrating your lips together. Again, repeat this exercise until you have good steady control.

Once the basic breathing techniques are ingrained it is time to move on to making some actual singing sounds like "ah's" and "om's". While singing these vowel sounds try to practice the same control you had earlier with your hissing and buzzing sounds. Move on to scales and easier songs. Try to do things in an orderly progression so that you never get ahead of yourself or your abilities. It is the best way to train your voice.

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For more information about how to train your voice and proper breathing technique, check out this Superior Singing Method Review. I'm sure you'll like it.

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