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The Quest For Fertility Has Redefined Family Planning

     The subject of fertility is one of great interest to women who want to have families. Young women have more options today than ever before in terms of having children on their own terms. Most women feel strongly about having a secure job and financial situation before committing themselves to a family. They also prefer to have whom they consider to be the right man in their lives if possible so choose to look for him until they are in their late 30s before going ahead with their pregnancy.

Each woman has her own unique biological time clock which determines how long their child producing years will last. A growing number of women who know they are at risk of premature menopause will resort to egg freezing. Some healthy women do not want to leave their fate to chance so while they are still young and ovulating they have some of their eggs extracted and frozen. This procedure has only recently been made available for women as an option and is still in an experimental phase.

Having their eggs frozen is a kind of back-up system. If they do not find their suitable mate and/or they have health issues later on in their lives rendering them unable to have children then they could still have their child with a surrogate mother carrying the embryo of their child. Medical technology has provided women with thought provoking scenarios that have never before been available preceding generations.

The extracted eggs are temporarily stored in liquid nitrogen containers and then are transported to a long term cryobank storage facility. It is not certain how long the eggs can be stored before they start deteriorating. Eggs consist of a lot of water and risk getting freezer burn. Women are being advised to plan on using their eggs as soon as possible. Fertility clinics are not regulated so no one knows how many offer egg freezing services and what the success rate is.

Only about 100 children have been born from frozen eggs over the last 7 years so the process is still experimental. The advantage to the women for having unfertilized eggs is no custody battles. To be eligible women must be menstruating.

Those who are receiving chemotherapy are put on a fast track to have their eggs removed. They are administered large amounts of hormones to extract about a dozen eggs from the ovary. The doctors hyper-stimulate the patient so that the chances for extracting a sufficient amount of eggs in increased. Otherwise it is on a first come first served basis.

Opponents to this procedure state that negative side effects can be Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. OHSS can produce ovarian cysts, large amounts of fluid build-up, abdominal pain, infertility and death. There are other resources for women to turn to seeking fertility help if they have never been fertile.

Acupuncture in conjunction with in vitro fertilization have shown successful results in the quest for fertility as well. Many couples have tried the different options available to them and have found that acupuncture provides a better flow of blood to the womb. Eggs will be better nourished.

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Are you looking for service provider who focuses on acupuncture in Ajax? Make sure you visit one of the most dedicated acupuncture and naturopath Ajax doctors who has been practicing in Durham Region since 1997.

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