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The Raw Truth It's Ok to Graze on Raw Veggies!

     Cooking plays a crucial part in our diet. It makes our food easy to digest without expending too much energy. Cooking mainly softens the tougher elements like cellulose or fiber which facilitate digestion. However, raw food or partly cooked food is believed to be healthier. But some people just cannot digest such a food. The caregivers who are employed through jobs in CNA are careful to bring this into consideration. This is the reason why most caregivers of CNA jobs are very specific about the diet of the people they are attending to. In any case, the belief persists that cooking actually destroys all vitamins or minerals in food.

But just like cooking can make a vegetable unhealthy, it turns out that all raw vegetables are not healthy. Before moving into that detail, let us discuss an interesting story about lycopene. This is mainly a red colored pigment found in tomatoes. It is believed to decrease the risk of cancer and heart attack. But this wonderful ingredient is of no use until tomatoes are cooked.

This is evidence enough to prove that cooking does not always spoils the veggies. It is not just tomatoes, but many other vegetables that will unleash the effective ingredient only upon cooking. Moreover, boiling and steaming are also known to preserve antioxidants a.k.a. special ingredients. But this is true only for a few types of vegetables.

The downside of cooking vegetables is that it eliminates vitamin C from them. However, it is not completely destroyed. Some part of this essential vitamin still retains even after cooking. In this case, it is better to eat those veggies without cooking.

With that known, let us move on to the other part of the discussion. Some of the veggies are healthier when they are raw rather than when cooked. Broccoli tops the list of such foods. In this case, the effective ingredients are lost upon cooking.

It gets quite complicated to compare the health benefits of raw and cooked vegetables. There are too many mysteries surrounding this question. It all depends on how various molecules in plants interact with the human body. No matter, how you consume them but they should be a part of your diet anyways.

Mostly, they are cooked so they taste better. Once vegetables taste good, you are likely to consume them more often. This is the main idea for those who support eating cooked veggies.

However, there is also enough evidence proving the benefits of raw vegetables. They have significant amounts of vitamin C and E, carotenoids, folic acid and other essential compounds. Without these components, your dietary requirements cannot be fulfilled. Therefore the consumption of raw vegetable can be an effective way to enhance the nutritional adequacy in your diet.

To wrap up the argument, vegetables need to be consumed in both cooked and raw state. It is just that some are better of when eaten raw while others need to be cooked to enhance the effective component. But let us not forget the taste factor which comes after cooking.

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