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The Savvy Actor: From Brand To Buzz - Part 3

     Creating the BUZZ...

If no one knows you exist, it is going to be difficult, if not near impossible, to book work as an actor. Your job as a Savvy Actor is to know what you sell as well as how to package your product to position you in the industry for the work you want to book. Now it is time to explore the role of publicist and create your own Buzz!

One way to create your own buzz is by using the free form of promotion that is accessible to us all - Social Media.

You must use social networking as a business tool. We spoke on a panel about social networking at Actorfest a few years back and even then it became clear the impact that social media had on our business. A gentleman on the panel, Michael Salort, who at the time worked for Personal Screen Media, told a story of a web series he was working on. It came down to two women for the lead role. They liked both women very much and did not know whom to choose. So…….they "googled" them. The woman who was the most Google-able got the job! She had more friends, followers and influence over her community.

From a producer's perspective, think about it... If she has more friends, followers and influence, who do you think is going to bring more audience in the seats to watch the web series? Who do you think is going to bring more money to the project and therefore increase its overall success? Like it or hate it; it makes complete sense from a business perspective. How can you compete in this biz? By showing the industry that you have clout in your community. And social networking is the tool to do it.

First and foremost, get your name on everything. Your name is a big part of your Brand. You need to be found and found easily. If you have a common name like 'John Smith', you might have to choose a variant. For example, you could use 'JohnSmithActor' or 'JohnSmithOfficial' or 'TheJohnSmith' or 'TheOfficialJohnSmith'. But whatever you choose, be consistent with it across all platforms. Consistency is key.

As you are using the social media platforms, make it Brand-centric. Everything you do shapes and affects your personal Brand. Using social media is no exception. Pay attention to your content and word choice and make sure it reflects your Brand to the world.

Remember, It's not all about you. Provide value to people. Sure, social networking can be about shameless self-promotion, but in order to get people to listen to your successes and self-plugs, you need to cut through all the noise and provide value to your followers. Social networking should not just be all about you, make it about other people and give people info they will value and use. That could be as simple as sharing an article or making people laugh. Give people a reason to be a fan and follower.

Three Tips to Creating Buzz on Social Networking:

1. Choose a site and start working it!

There are a handful of main Social Networking sites you could be on. So pick one and just start! Here's a breakdown on the different feel of each site.

FACEBOOK: The Party. Facebook is more of a social site. It is a less formal and more about building relationships and connecting on a personal level. A great site to give shout outs to others and expand your network.

TWITTER: The Conference. Still a social component but with only 140 characters brevity is key as is sharing info and your point of view. Since Twitter is all about followers not friends, give people a reason to follow you!LinkedIn: The Business Meeting. The more formal of the sites.

LINKEDIN is a great way to connect to other folks in the industry like producers, directors, etc. With a built in introduction system, connecting to folks is easy and done in a much more business formal way.

YOUTUBE: The Media Outlet. Create your own YouTube Channel and post your content for the world to see. Not necessarily a social media site, but YouTube is great in terms of Search Engine Optimization and getting your name and talent out into the world.

2. Give yourself a structure.

The best way to get something accomplished is to have a system! The same applies to social networking. Sometimes knowing what to post can be challenging, but by giving a theme to each day of the week you'll always know what you're posting about. So here's an example. Let's say you are a female comedienne who also loves dogs. How about this for a structure:

Monday - Give a shout-out to a friend or colleague

Tuesday - Share an article you like that has to do with the Entertainment industry or comedy

Wednesday - Post a photo of your dog

Thursday - Give another shout-out to a friend or colleague or congratulate a fellow actor

Friday - Share a success in your life or career

Saturday - Share a favorite quote from a famous comedienne

Sunday - Share something funny that has happened to you

When following a posting schedule, remember to keep in mind the Marketing Rule of 7. It takes the average person 7 times to see something before they take action on it. So get your name out in the world and build clout for yourself.

A great tool to accomplish a daily posting schedule is HootSuite. It is a free online tool to schedule your updates across multiple social media platforms.

3. Be interactive!

Don't forget that the main reason to do all this posting in the first place is to create, build and maintain relationships. So make sure to not just post updates, but also to interact. Comment on other people's posts, share other peoples statuses, favorite other people's tweets. Connect with people! Keep in mind that the point of social networking is still to be social. Follow these 3 tips, provide value and let the Marketing Rule of 7 work in your favor as you create your own buzz and get your Brand known in the social media sphere!

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