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The Savvy Actor: From Brand to Buzz, Part 2

     "From Brand to Buzz, Part 1' of this series was all about creating your Brand. You MUST understand your product before you sell your product. You can't be all things to all people. It doesn't work. Ultimately, your job as an actor is to know exactly what you sell. It will give you direction and help you focus on meeting the people that can help you achieve your career goals.

Once you know your Brand, you need to package that Brand. We are keen consumers as a culture. We can tell the difference between good packaging and bad packaging. How many of you walk into a wine store and buy a bottle of wine purely on the label? Enough said.

Packaging speaks volumes. Packaging you is like packaging a product, or a company or a celebrity. Before you get out there and promote yourself, you need to have a package.

How do you package yourself? Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is your position in the marketplace? (i.e. Commercial, Film, TV)

2. Who is your target demographic? ( i.e. Commercial Casting? Film Casting?).

Knowing your target audience will help you frame your package and your product for the correct audience and buyers. To help identify your target audience once you know your Brand, we recommend using Casting About. They are awesome!

Your packaging needs to capture you. It will give people a visceral feel about who you are and what you do. The more you understand packaging and do the work in creating your materials, you will feel confident about it and that confidence will also exude from your materials.

How can you make your Brand be familiar to casting directors, producers, and directors? It's all in the packaging.


Your headshot must incorporate your essence. Doing the Brand work before getting your headshots taken is key. A lot of the time when getting headshots taken, actors rely on mood. They have their commercial smiley shot, their theatrical dark shot, their sexy shot, etc. If your playing mood in your pictures you're being vague not specific. Being specific in your headshot is what allows your essence to shine through. Bring yourself and your Brand to each of your different looks.

Pay attention to the colors and backgrounds that photographers use as you are doing your research for headshot photographers. The background is going to enhance the story that you tell and help serve your specific market niche. For example, if your Brand is warm and sophisticated you probably don't want to be photographed against a chain-link fence. That most likely won't serve you. That background doesn't help tell your story or sell your Brand. Find what will.


Actors tend to choose their font at random or play it safe with Times New Roman and Arial. Fonts tell stories too. Fonts are used to create a mood and a feel. There are comic fonts, bold fonts, sweet fonts, simple fonts, fun fonts, etc. There are handwritten, serif, sans serif, or script fonts.What type of font reflects what you are selling? Each and every font says something different about you. Again, make sure that the font supports your Brand and what you are selling.

Think about Coca Cola. They use a very particular font that represents their Brand. We see that font in our minds eye as soon as someone says Coca Cola. Do the same thing for you and find that font that represents you that you can use consistently in your packaging and Brand in people's minds.


Color can add to the visceral feel of your packaging and marketing tools. Keep in mind that whatever color(s) you choose also needs to reflect your Brand. Just like font, you can use color to tell your story.

If you are a "girl next door", pastels may work. If you are an intense person, a deep red or purple may work. If you're earthy, browns and oranges may work. Think about the color you choose in conjunction with the Brand that you're selling.

The other thing with color is we all think similarly about them. There is a commonality that we all share almost instantaneously. Blue to the majority of us means: calm, conservative, the ocean, cool. Green to the majority of us means: earthy, warm, energy, and the environment. Use this to your advantage to position yourself how you want to be seen.This color is what your going to use on your website, your resume, your business cards etc. What is that color that best represents you and your essence? Color in conjunction with font is very powerful because you're sharing with people your story and who you are right away.


All too often we see resumes that are neat and somewhat organized, but that are missing the most important quality - your essence. A resume should give its readers insight into who you are and your Brand. Take your font and color and add them to your Resume.

Why not add a hint of color that showcases you!

Printing has come an awful long way where we can do that now. Being able to use spot color on your resume pulls the eye to what you want the reader to see.

Ultimately it is your face and your name that are your logo. Make the most of it! Need help I crafting your resume? Check out The Savvy Actor Resume Guide.

The roles don't have to be in chronological order. List them in a way to showcase your Brand and what you sell. There is also no need to put every show you have ever done. The roles should be a representation of you and your brand.

Moving Forward:

Think about your Brand and your packaging currently. Are you helping tell your story? Or are you doing yourself a disservice? Think about how you can make it all make sense and make you familiar to the industry.Remember, packaging gives information faster than we can explain it using words. Fonts and colors that make up good packaging enhance that tenfold...

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