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The Secret To Converting And Keeping Clients

     I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "When You Stop Selling, You Start Selling." Some people are natural salespeople. Maybe you're one yourself. But the majority of us aren't built to sell; we're actually more built to buy.

Knowing this, I tried to think of how I purchase and what companies I generally buy from. As an avid fisherman, I certainly buy a lot of fishing gear, and I purchase 90% of that gear online. So, right now, I know that if I were the customer and someone was trying to sell to me, they would have to understand two things about me:

* I fish

* I purchase online

To glean that information, however, a conversation of some sort must take place. Conversations include:

* Online connection

* One-on-one connection

* Close-the-gap communication (The gap = what your customers want versus where they are in their decision-making process).

To even grasp how to approach a customer:

1. Visualize what your customers want:

* Potential

* Opportunity

* Stress-Free Existence

* To be the decision-makers and to feel good about their choices

2. Be the vehicle that can get the potential clients to their wants in a safe, efficient, and satisfying manner.

3. Make it easy for them to choose you.

Additional steps include "asking" and "doing". Ironically, the questions apply to both you and your customer.


1. Where am I going? (Where is my customer going?)

2. Where did I start? (Where will my customer start?)

3. What's keeping me from getting where I'm trying to go? (What's keeping my customers from getting to me?)

4. How can I close the gap between where I am and where I want to be? (How can I close the gap between where my customer is and where he or she wants to be?)


1. Make a list of your customers' "wants"

2. Make a list of how your product or service meets those wants.

3. Now make a list of what your customer "needs" (Ironically, they may think they want one thing, but in reality they need something else. As a visionary, your job is to figure out what that need might be.)

4. Make a new list of what you know your customer needs.

5. Now create a clear path that allows them to get to you to get what they think they want, but what you know they need.

6. Show professionalism and gratitude, and follow up with added value to show them that you care about their well being.

Remember, customers are 80% emotional buyers and 20% factual. Become a good asker and a better listener and they'll tell you what they want. Educate them to your product or service to make them informed decision-makers, and let them know that you know exactly where they want to go and you can get them what they want and need.

Ironically, in the course of connecting with potential clients, you need to make them acutely aware of what the gap is between where they are and where they want to be, how wide it is, and how you can navigate them through that chaos to their desired destination (your business/product/service).

Selling is a forked road. Will you take the right one, or be left behind? It all goes back to purpose. One fork goes toward you, the business owner, and requires that you set your own priorities, get your business in top operating condition, and get the right processes and systems in place so your business can run with or without you there, so that you have the means, focus, and tools in place to run a smooth business.

The other fork goes toward your customers and requires that you have a deeper understanding of their wants and needs in order to direct them to your product and services.

So, what's the only secret you need to know? Simple, really.

* To convert clients, be the product or service they want and need.

* To keep them, be the company they want to do business with.

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Peter Williamson, Business Coach and Master Licensee, helps you find instant and lasting solutions to boost your profits by 61% or more - guaranteed. Email For advice and access to proven systems that will advance your business, visit and

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