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The Secrets Of Writing A Compelling Article Quickly And Easily

     Information is the fuel that powers the internet. The right information can help make us rich, help us solve a lot of our everyday problems, as well as entertain and educate us. Writing articles is one of the most common methods of distributing information on the internet today. Perhaps you have tried writing articles in the past, but have given up because it is too time consuming or you find it difficult to write something compelling and informative.

In this article we're going to look at the three basic components of a good article, and how you can utilize these to write an interesting, compelling article in no time at all.

First, we will talk about researching your article. Then, we will go over a good, basic article template you can follow churn out articles like a machine. We'll finish with a brief discussion of the benefits a well written article can bring you.

The first step is to research your article. Research is kind of a scary word, it conjures up images of wild haired old scholars buried under stacks of dusty tomes. But by utilizing the power of the internet, research can be quick, painless, and even fun. When you are writing an article, keep in mind you're not submitting it as a thesis for your P.H.D. You just want to get the facts to your readers in a legible and hopefully entertaining fashion. I do all of my article research with two free resources. Google, and Type your subject first in Google, click on the top two or three results and make some quick notes of what others are saying about the subject. Do the same with Take short, bullet point notes about your subject. Don't re-invent the wheel, just pick three or four topics about your subject and use those as paragraphs in your article.

The next step is to follow a template when writing your article. Structure will keep you focused and help you pump out your articles in record time. Since you've done your research and have your notes from step one, you shouldn't need to spend much time thinking about what you are going to write. I find the following article template works well for most writing:

Introduction. Tell your reader exactly what to expect from the article. List the three topics you chose in your research and explain how you're going to tie them all together.

Body. Here you will write one paragraph for each of the three topics you researched. Include sub-topics if appropriate.

Conclusion. At this point, writing the conclusion will be simple, you already have all your research laid out, and you've explained all three points. Just sum your article up by letting your readers know what they should have learned from the article.

Now that you have your compelling, well organized and easy to read article finished, what do you do with it? Well, some people write articles to let their opinions be heard, or to spread their thoughts and theories. But most people write articles to let others know about a product they are selling, or a service they offer. That is why it is important to have a good resource box at the end of your article to let people know where they can learn more about you or your products or services.
So there you have the three basic elements of painlessly writing a compelling article. First, do your research, then follow a template, or blueprint for your article, and then follow up with a conclusion that ties it all together. And once the article is finished and polished and ready for the masses, include a call to action in your resource box so people can follow through and learn more about you and what you can do to help them.

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