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The Spiritual Children Will Inherit The Earth Without Heaven

     There would be few who have not heard that the meek shall inherit the earth. It seems a clear enough statement but it has been twisted and ignored by religious leaders who continue to promote heaven as a destination after death. The adage is not that the meek will inherit heaven - so where does the idea of such a place come from? That was the question that sent me back in time to resolve.

With full memory of my reincarnation and passage from life to life and my work in the Spirit the knowledge given to me proves that everyone who has ever lived is back in a body at this time. That explains the overpopulation of the earth and why there is so much confusion and hate in all communities.

Spiritual prophecies are the only source of information about the end times and in there the instructions are clear. Isaiah 57:21 states that there is no peace for the wicked and we see that those who are suffering are usually the ones who are religiously motivated. In some places they are killing each other in droves and their children are dying and in recent events entire communities are wiped out. The tsunamis and earthquakes fit with some of the visions given to me of what is coming at this time.

On the other hand Isaiah 57:13 states that for those people their own companies can't even deliver them "but the wind shall carry them all away." It also claims that vanity (futility) shall take them and that comes from believing in man-made myths, such as heaven and hell and in their own causes.

This passage notes that those who put their trust in the Spirit, the only God, shall possess the land and they shall inherit the holy mountain. It does not say anything about heaven. In fact in Isaiah 45:5-8 it clearly notes that God is one and there are no other spirits besides. This is the Creator and the maker of peace and evil speaking through its prophets. It commands the heavens to drop down from above, because no such places exist.

Every religion has its own heaven as a destination to explain the plurality of the term. It also states that God created this situation and the reason is to test the children of Israel, who are those of the Spirit. They have been tried and tested throughout the day of the Lord, a period lasting 4,000 years, and they have died and reincarnated over and again.

Those who look only towards the Spirit for their salvation are being called to their inheritance. Isaiah 45:22 states that there is no other being like the Spirit.

For all who obey Isaiah 45:3 notes they are the ones to receive the treasure of hidden riches. It was buried in darkness by religious teachings. My commissions include restoring it as it is the truth. Religions hid the facts from the world and promoted their own agendas. Heaven, hell, devils, angels and saints are all make-believe entities that oppose it.

They did not do it alone, however, but because the plan of God was to hide the truth so that only those who are genuinely seeking it and who come away from the lies will be delivered at the end. They have been tried and tested throughout the course of the day and now they are being judged accordingly.

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They who survive to the end will be asked who is God. Those who trust the Spirit will inherit the mountain of God

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