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The Spiritual Component Of Disease Prevention

     To many people prevention is simply early detection. I believe that this is due to an indoctrination from the pharmaceutical and medical complex. True prevention is just exactly what it says. It is a lifestyle or activity that prevents the occurrence of the disease in the first place. Not all that many years ago many of the medical institutions were affiliated with or operated by different churches. As health care has gone increasingly more high tech it has tended to separate itself from the spiritual component of disease.

Understand that there is a significant difference between spiritual and religious. Your spiritual domain is your core belief system. While this may be significantly influenced by your religious beliefs, today for many people it is not.

Prevention itself is a bit abstract. It is very difficult to prove that you were not afflicted by some condition by various lifestyle choices. All of us know of people who have lived exemplary lives and have still fell victim to fatal degenerative diseases. There are certain lifestyle activities, such as smoking, that are generally recognized as having a negative impact on our health. Nearly 50% of the people United States take some form of supplement on a regular basis. They do this out of their belief system with the idea that it will lower the risk of degenerative disease. Just recently a large study was released by the medical community stating that supplements were ineffective. Upon closer examination of the study you find that there was no standards that the supplements had to meet. A study in England reported that prevention cost 16 times less than treatment.

To really understand the spiritual component of prevention we need to understand why we submit to treatment. There is a method of advertising that is referred to as FUD, which is an acronym for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This method is used extensively in the medical field. It is well understood that these are very strong emotions. When a doctor diagnoses a condition, they will typically prescribe an approved protocol for that particular condition. If many patients do not receive a prescription for medications they actually feel slighted. With very few exceptions a drug overrides a natural body function. Very seldom is the patient told what they might have done that would have prevented the disease.

In reality when we are dependent upon drugs we are in a form of bondage. I like to think of the an acronym for prevention as the word LOVE. The L stands for liberty and life, the O stands for opportunity to choose a vibrant lifestyle, the V stands for virtue which is simply an old word for integrity and values, a personal responsibility for our condition, the E stands for education an example, as you learn principles that improve the quality of your life you then become an example and have a testimony to share with others.

It is interesting to note that the Bible tells us that God is love. Christianity is in reality a prevention program. Forasmuch as the Bible speaks about health I'm often amazed at our lack of understanding of the relationship between our physical health and are spiritual health. The reason that doctors often treats symptoms is because the cause of the disease did not originate in the physical domain. A great deal of disease today is a result of poor stewardship of our environment. Many people have no idea of the environmental risk that surround us by our own choices. Much sickness is rooted in social and emotional situations.

The words of the Bible echoed down through time to us today. When God told the children of Israel that if they would be obedient to His statues that He would put none of the diseases of the Egyptians upon them. Those diseases of the same ones afflicting our world today. As I work with many people in lifestyle coaching I am convinced that God is still in the healing business. Just as Christ asked the cripple if he wanted a new life, would he like to be made whole He is making the same offer to you today. If you are struggling with the cares of this world and they are loading you down I would encourage you to try God's prevention program. He says I will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me.

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