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The Talented Pat Lawrence Supplies Plenty Of Excellent Experiences

     'Pat' Adsit Burke along with Daniel 'Lawrence' Burke is the true definition of the saying 'when two become one'. Although these two are the ones behind the writing of two great novels they cannot as individuals take the credit fro it. This is because the novels are written under the name Pat Lawrence which they derived from their own names, and thus to the world Pat Lawrence is one yet in real life they are two.

The two started working together in 2007 as actors not authors. They were chosen to act as a married couple Charlotte and George in the funny theater act by Ken Ludwig titled "Moon over Buffalo". Their partnership was sealed by a kiss during a scene in the play and led to not only a happy marriage but a successful business partnership.

The business partnership saw the coming into being of Murder-By-Design. Which the two jointly own and run. They decided to start writing scripts centered around the murder mystery genre as that is what they both enjoyed. Murder-By-Design has to date wrote about six of these types of scripts.

Performing has always been in their blood and it was only a matter of time before they went back into it. They came up with a two man show which they wrote based on the different experiences they had had in their lives. This show was called Squirrels in the Attic and was very successful from the beginning that up to date a select few venues in Midwestern host the performance of this particular show.

In 2011 they felt it was only right for them to evolve and grow their company and so they began to write novels. Writing with another person maybe a problem for most but these two have not found it as a major challenge. They work on each other's strengths to come up with story lines, characters and plots that have been enjoyed by readers the world over.

Jarred into Being was their very first serving. It was based on a character Eva who struggled to remain free from being possessed by other individuals whose paths crossed hers. Different authors have reviewed this book and most had good things to say about it.

The success of Jarred Into Being as well as the demand by the readers for more led the couple into writing their second book. An Illegal president must be the couple and company's best work so far from this team. It received an over whelming response and the reviews are even better that for their first book. It was captivating and had an element of controversy and mystery which is what people who like reading these kinds of books are after.

Pat Lawrence as a writer has managed to achieve with only two books what other authors spend a life time trying to achieve. The saying that "there is strength in numbers" is proving to be their greatest weapon. They simply make use of their individual strengths to come up with these great thrillers.

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