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The Top Four Ways To Build Up Your Page Rank

     Ever since Google began releasing toolbar Page Rank, webmasters and internet marketers alike have been obsessed with Page Rank or PR for short. This phenomenon has become so widespread that webmasters the world over will go to just about any length to build up the Page Rank on their own sites. Many go so far as to trade links not in exchange for other links, but for money and it has become seriously big business.

However, building Page Rank is not difficult if a blogger or webmaster is willing to put in a little hard work combined with a little know how and patience.

Here are some of the ways that I have personally used to successfully build PR. They will be listed in what I consider to be an order of increasing effectiveness. Additionally, keep in mind that these methods take time and consistent effort and revolve around building a natural inbound link structure.

Forum Marketing. This method actually revolves around driving traffic more than anything, but you can get links none-the-less, if you become an actual contributor. For starters, whenever you sign up for a forum, you generally get a profile link, so that is one right out of the gate. Next, if you become a contributing member of the forum, in many cases, the forum moderators will allow you to add a link to your site in your signature. If this is the case, then you can treat yourself to some nice anchor text. If the forum signature links do not have the "nofollow" attribute applied, then even better.

Link Directories. These do indeed have value. Many webmasters seem to be discounting them as of late. However, many directories are aged and Google seems to be showing favor to aged websites, treating them somewhat like aged cheese, in my opinion. Additionally, it appears that link directories are in some form or fashion being given human reviewer status. Bottom line...submit to as many link directories as you can.

Link Exchange. If you build your website into a resource, then other webmasters will have no problem linking to you. The trick here is to find related websites that have content that supplements or complements yours and that you can point to as a resource also. If you want to benefit from their PR, then exchange upwards, meaning submit link-exchange requests with websites that only have a PR value one PR point higher than yours. If you initiate contact, many webmasters will be flattered and agree to exchange with you IF your site supplements or compliments theirs.

Article Marketing. Article marketing takes more work than most but, in my opinion has definitely been the most rewarding in terms of building Page Rank. At first, I didn't think that this would be the case, but I have been seeing results that I didn't expect to see. For example, many of the articles I have submitted to article directories in the past had links pointing to pages deep in my website. In time those pages ended up building their own PR and article resource links were the only ones pointing to them. I know this because article marketing was the only link building method that I used for those pages. Some of the articles that I wrote seemed to go viral, spreading my resource links pointing to those pages far and wide. Ahhh..the power of syndication.

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These methods have worked for me and I will continue to use them. If you are interested in trying your hand at article marketing or forum marketing, them come visit us at TheBitBot SEM Blog and let us help you get started. It is easier than you think. It just takes time and effort and a little guidance.

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