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The United States is A Neighbor in A World Community

     I know that things are not as they once were in the United States. Many of us have never met the people who live across the hall, across the lawn, or across the street. It has not always been like this. There was a time when most everyone in a community knew each other. Still, even though our neighbors may not be on our friends and family list, most of us feel as if we still hold a moral obligation to them.

If you see your neighbor in serious trouble or in immediate danger, it is likely that you will reach out to help them, or at the very least call someone who can. The majority of us will stand up against threats to our neighbors, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and help restore the basic needs to those who have lost them.

The kindness to our neighbors and dedication to our moral standards most often extends to our community, our neighboring communities, cities, and states. We see the heartfelt disaster outreach with every natural disaster. A tornado in Kansas, a hurricane in New York, or an earthquake in California, and millions of people are ready to help. So why does that moral obligation that we are so strongly attached to seem to stop at the United States border?

The United States is our home. It is a home that has neighbors in a world community. Today's technology brings many of those neighbors into our backyard. Their products are in our homes and in our workplace. We rely on out world neighbors to buy our products, and supply our needs. In many ways, we rely on our world neighbors for more than those who live in the house next door, and we know them better too.

Why do many of us as a people yell and scream and protest when our government leaders reach out to help those who are being treated poorly, abused, and are suffering? Are our worlds neighbors not people too? Are they not often time more of a neighbor than the one who lives across the hall?

Perhaps setting the example is still the best course of action. Sharing American civility across the globe could be the key to bringing peace and prosperity to us and our neighbors in the long run. Like it or not, a simple smile or a small act of kindness has a great potential to start a ripple effect. You, or we, can be the originator of that ripple, and I am not talking about throwing rocks.

There is however, a line between offering help, and imposing. Make the offer with a smile, keep making the offer, and be ready to help when asked, but to attempt to force your "help" onto a people who are not yet ready for it can be devastating for all who are involved. It creates anger, embarrassment, confusion, and builds animosity, not friendship.

I believe that with our resources, there is no reason that as a country, if managed correctly, we can be self-sustaining, while also being a friend and active participant in our world community. It does not always have to be one way or the other. A word that most of us can benefit from as individuals, families, communities, or even as a country, is compromise.

Copyright (c) 2012 Jim Ford

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Stop The Division is a website and newsletter offering that is dedicated to encouraging intelligent discussion and finding solutions to political and social issues. Mr. Ford believes that through knowledge,diversity, and compromise any issues can be overcome. His newsletters are dedicated to tackling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, one small piece at a time. For a better Future of America.

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