Point 1. Realize that you definitely will die eventually.">
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The Way To Eternal Life--Five Pointers That You Won't Want To Let Pass

     Do you desire to get to heaven? The passage up first leads us downward. These steps to heaven get under way by taking us "downward" into the humility of complete honesty, into facing distressing realities and into identifying moral inadequacy. Not until then can the gate open wide that leads ever higher to eternal life.

Step 1. Know that you are going to die one day.

This very first step is self evident right after you have made it. Nonetheless, countless multitudes take pleasure in obvious negation, imagining that they will never be forced to confront the day of their very own death. The reality is it will not kill you to look squarely at death, nor will it take from you your eagerness for life. And if things go as they should, you will arrive at the right solution to the dilemma of death and a peril that has been hanging over your life will exist no more. That's a very good thing! So, let's turn and face the dire reality: Every life culminates in death. But does it?

Step 2. Realize that you desire to go up, not down.

Our consciousness won't end with death. It goes on after we die. Most of us have a bothersome premonition that there are just 2 probable conclusions to life on earth: eternal life or eternal death. Nobody wishes to burn. True, some deranged, hell-bent rock stars think that they are heading to a party down there, but no normal person believes that.

Point 3. Understand you just cannot go to heaven by means of yourself.

You can't jump up there. You cannot strong-arm your way inside. You won't be able to guarantee a secure passage to yourself. The image of endless torment if you don't get in drives to the surface the most unpleasant questions of all: "Do I deserve heaven? Will God permit me in? Why might God let me in?"

You could try to answer these questions with bluff and bluster: "I'm really not that bad. I'm clearly not as bad as others are, or as I could have been." Yes, you have been struggling to be good, but have you been good enough? Your conscience will not let you maintain that you have totally measured up to even your own (low) ideals, much less God's more extensive ones.

Point 4. Understand that you need someone to rescue you.

It could injure pride to confess it, but not one of us have the moral character to sanction us for being elevated to heaven by God. But don't think that you have no hope! There is Someone who would like to save us; Someone who has the authority to take us there; Someone who can "make a way" so that we can be authorized to make it through the gates.

Who is the heaven-sent Someone? His Name is Jesus Christ and He is entirely empowered and qualified by Father God to lead anyone to heaven who chooses to be saved by Him. So, what are you lingering for? Do the next step!

Step 5. Go to that "Someone" and get saved!

Pray this prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, come into my heart and live your life in me. I yield myself to you. Pardon me for all my sins and lead me in the way of eternal life."

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Matthew Hammer is a onetime craftsperson and missionary who loves leading people to answers God has given for the way to get to heaven. Don't wait until it's the last minute! Discover the best way to get to heaven. Go now and enjoy a gift copy of Salvation Basics.

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