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The WP7 System To Deal With Rogue Program Strategy

     WP7 background tasks from the system design is divided into two, the Periodic Task (periodic task) and Resource Intensive Task (resource-intensive task), the former is used to program in the background update Live Tile, or networking to find weather updates this kind of small tasks, which is used for online download this long-running tasks.

(1) a program can open the background, depends entirely on the user's selection

Specifically have a system settings control daemon, all want to run in the background of the program will be listed here for a wish to go through the back door? Ask the user to allow does not allow it, here you can see all the list of programs, you can also see the program fill in the development reasons for why running in the background, all programs like one wrong children wait for their parents teachings.

(2) For the user does not attract the program, open the background also firmly closed

WP7 system provides all background tasks take effect only 14 days, that is, a 14-day cycle, If you do not have to open the program, that the system will automatically close the background of the program. For example, you download a novel application, when you first open it, it opens up the running in the background mechanisms, poor it sucks cause production in the remaining 14 days you do not have to open it. And due to the busy work, you did not go to view the list of background tasks set. Oh it does not matter, the system automatically shut down this kid.

(3) even if you lucky enough to allow users to open the background, the code did not optimize well still be off

To MANGO, which is the WP7.5, system prescribed procedures when running in the background memory footprint can not exceed 6MB, otherwise terminate immediately; also requires the programmer to code cautious, if the program is running in the background continuous crashes twice then The system will immediately shut down the program permission to run in the background.

(4) If the program is running in the background abuse privileges, the system will also be terminated immediately

All background programs running every 30 minutes, each time to execute up to 25 seconds, immediately terminate after the timeout would like to use the privilege to misbehave.? WP7 will directly instead you say NO.

(5) the need for a long-running background process, the system also provides a way to

Resource Intensive Task here just said come in handy Unfortunately, due to these resource-intensive tasks require too many resources, the system will also be strictly limited Apart from the top three of just said, as well as the rest of the additional restrictions that is:

a) battery power may not be less than 90%, and the need to connect an external power supply;

b) non-phone network connection attached WIFI or PC, pro;

c) screen must be locked and can not receive calls, and otherwise does not perform;

d) up to perform 10-minute timeout immediately terminate;


As can be seen, both from the construction of the Windows Phone ecosystem, or to the details of the design of the WP7 system, Microsoft demonstrated a strong desire to control, especially for programs that run in the background, this piece, which will lead the user to enter a "I have the final say "era, not afraid of rogue, rogue also not afraid of the martial arts, as long as you write for WP7 APP, you have served the tube, even if users do not understand these mechanisms, Microsoft is still interested in the program to carry out strict control in order to provide users with a good experiences.

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