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Three Features Chat Software Needs

     I'm the judgment expert that writes a lot. A long time ago, prior to the web; people chatted by typing text (nearly in) realtime, on some Bulletin Board System (BBS) or some telnet-type servers with some other people, most often communicating with analog modems.

These days, some type of text-based chatting is standard in mobile phones, devices, and certain computers, having Skype, and hundreds of other software and services; and text-based chatting is now most often known as instant messaging. However, the majority of instant message text chatting systems and software are designed to be used for one-to-one chats.

Private one-to-one text chats are great, however there has "always" been, and there will always be some need for private community-based text chatting server systems, devoted mainly to specific discussion topics.

When using the majority of chat online systems, there is no requirement for correcting every typing error, because chatting is informal. most private chatting forums are usually fairly quiet, but many get more busy in the evening.

In our business, we've got a website-based judgment enforcer's private web-based web forum, featuring a live text-based chat service. Our chat system is only for judgment enforcers that registered with us, it is not publicly available. This is just one example, there's lots of private web forums with text-based chatting services dedicated to discuss nearly every topic.

Texting within a chatting service is occasionally real-time, however usually, it's just like everything else in the world; it's on and off. Certain folks leave a chatting window active, although they take time off to work, eat, go to the restroom, sleep, etc. It is just fine to leave a busy text-based chatting session by simply typing (for example, TTYL, BBS, BRB) which is short for Talk To You Later, Be Back Soon, or Be Right Back.

It is how you feel, what you do, and what you accomplish; in the very many "dead" slow times, which might really accumulate and bring success. When the world and business is most often usually really slow, especially in early mornings, nights, holidays, and weekends; those are the times where certain folks may keep a chatting browser window open.

Doing a search the web looking for forum chat software that scales to handheld devices, shows most companies sell software geared toward large businesses with their expensive APP-based products. Looking for web-based chatting rooms or online chatting forums over the internet, also shows way too many adult-related sites.

A problem which hinders progression of smaller forum chatting software solutions, is there's not too many customers. For every private forum text chat member there's probably 40,000 customers for instant messaging. There is not very much money in private forum-based text chat software, yet there is a need for this, and some vendors have solutions.

Many member-only text-based chat services are fairly tiny. Most are hosted and are part of private website-based web forums, and just their validated users may access their chat feature. My wish list for chat servers would:

1) Automatically scale to work on the majority of tiny portable devices and screens.

2) The sizing of the font would stay about the same size, no matter how small the user's screen is, taking care to minimize all else besides the ongoing discussions. A built-in function to scroll, so you can view past discussions, would be ideal.

3) There would not be a requirement to install any APPs, it would just work well on the www browsing application or function, on handheld devices.

One example of a forum-based text chatting software company that provides a website-based solution is there are quite a few web forum-related chatting software providers, however the majority products (for example, do not work, or work well with, tiny portable devices or web browser windows.

FlashChat's software is basically free, and scales better than the majority of competing text-based chatting software on tiny display screens. Alas, the days of flash appear to be numbered, and I cannot easily find a good FlashChat replacement.

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