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Three Things the Media Doesn't Tell You about Abortion

     There has been a lot of talk and debate about abortion over the years. In times of elections, this can often be a key part of contention among political parties. Whoever takes a stand always shows or depicts the 'brighter' side of their reasons as to why they support what they support. This is whether someone is for or against abortion.

Here are three things that the Media don't tell you about abortion.

1 Self Perpetuating Power of Creation.

Every living thing that was created has the power and the ability to self perpetuate. This can be seen on many levels. A seed has the power to germinate into the next stage of life, which is a shoot or a small plant and which in turn translates later with much caring into a full grown plant. A living orange seed planted into the ground under optimum conditions will grow into an orange tree. This is how living things are wired, so when someone kills or commits abortion they are in violation of that principle.From simple things like ants, to big things like lions and elephants, the bottom line is everything that God created is wired for life.

2) Ordinances

Ordinances are set in stone. When someone is in violation of ordinances there are usally consequences. Humanity was not meant to kill another human being, doing so is violation of an ordinance. This has serious consequences. Bible scholars know that when Cain killed Abel his life turned topsy turvey and the vagabond spirit was upon him. This is what many people witness when they commit abortion, many young girls later fail to have babies. Many of them also find it difficult to settle in homes properly and even sometimes their careers are check mated. For some reason life becomes tough, years after the act. This is one of the reasons why many girls who commit abortion, live in misery. Spiritually speaking many of the babies are crying in the womb and this can tend to block or hinder the ability of many of them to have a baby.Well, let me say, I once dated someone who had committed abortion and I witnessed first hand some of the untold suffering that abortion leaves. I knew at some point that most of this person's problems were rooted to this, there is a common pattern or trend that you can find in many people who commit abortion. Which brings an issue of disclosure, which is another topic. Should you tell your boyfriend that you had an abortion and at what point should you do so, if you decide to disclose? Either way all the answers to these questions will create variables, I will leave that topic for another blog entry.

Some girls have since repented before God and turned a new leaf, however, having said that, abortion is a violation of an ordinance and hence it leaves a lot of pain for the perpetrators and also in many cases the families, the loved ones of those connected with such an act. The media doesn't say anything about this, it is just considered a 'procedure'.

3) Guilt Conscience Way after the procedures, girls live in pain and regret. The media often under plays the full extend of this 'procedure', however its a different story when a woman wants to get married and has to disclose to her boyfriend that she committed abortion and the procedure was botched and she cant have a baby. Thank Gof for those who are honest, some ladies wont tell, only the man to discover later during marriage that the reason why wifey cant have a baby is because she committed an abortion. Imagine the devastation of that young man's heart. Even if its disclosed during the dating process where people are already in love with each other this can create tension and stress. Some women leave with guilt for life after the procedure. Whereas some as long as it doesn't affect the future they are okay. However, Im concerned about the one that have to live with the guilt conscience for life. They often have to choose whether keep it a secret and disclose, whilst many find relief in sharing that with a close friend, the truth remains that its a life changing 'procedure'. So if the truth is to be told, abortion is more than a 'procedure', its a serious transaction with life changing consequences.

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