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Top Three Daredevils & Stunts Of All Time

     While the rest of the world might be afraid of it, there are others who have embraced bravery and pulled some of the most fearful stunts commonly referred to the many as daredevil stunts. There are some phenomenal stunts which will always be reckoned with, regardless of how time goes. We shall have a look at some of these daredevil stunts and the persons who pulled these stunts:

In 1974, the world experienced what it had not experienced before, well not at 110 floors high. In Manhattan, this is where the French by the name Philippe Petit did what no other man had done in history for 45 minutes. The French were bold enough to make the rounds and turns on a rope between the twin towers in New York and he did so for an approximate 45 minutes with nothing but a balancing pole. What an experience that was! This captured everyone and the public were allowed to view the experience without having to pay for anything. Petit on the other hand did not go unrewarded; he was presented with a pass, a life time one of the observation decks of the same towers that he had walked in between.

The French must be among the most daring people on earth, first it was Petit and now Alain Robert is popularly known as "The French Spider Man" was up to it again. The point is at the Burj Khalifa Building which stands at more than 2,700 feet above the ground and he had no safety equipment other than some chalk for his hands and climbing shoes in this expenditure. By this time, Robert must have been feeling a pro in this field after he had successfully managed to climb the Petronas Towers which is at approximately 1,500 feet with no safety equipment. This was enough to earn him a spot in one of the greatest daredevil stunts puller.

To round up the list of the top three most daredevil stunts ever pulled by man, it would be a joke to leave the ancestor of all the daredevil stunts puller Evel Knievel. It is claimed by experts that he should be feted with the creation of the daredevil stunts character through one of the most life-threatening stunts he pulled. Evel was known for his motorcycle stunts and there was this one which captured the attention of the world. The Snake River Canyon jump with a rocket-powered bike would make it to the record books and the amazing thing is that it did; not as intended, however. The stunt by Evel was unsuccessful and he broke the most bones to ever be broken by a single person was the exact reason why he went to the record books.

One question that most persons have been asking is; why would a person risk so much pulling a daredevil stunt just to make it to some record book? Well, with Evel as a good example (He broke a total of 433 bones); these daredevil stunt pullers risk a lot pulling some of these stunts. There can be no perfect explanation of all these, as Petit once answered when he was asked the same question, he simply responded by saying "there is no why".

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