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Tricks One Should Know Before Hiring Magicians

     Before you hire any Magicians, whether for kids or adults, there are some useful tips you need to be aware of.

Here are questions to ask yourself:

#1 Who are your targeted audience? The fact is, many of these Magicians have a specialty. Sure, all of us do magic shows for both adults and kids, but what does the magician fix his focus on. You'll usually be able to get an idea from their website, but ask if you're not very sure. If the Magician gives a serious look, elegantly clothed and is looking professional, he's more likely the corporate type performer. Looking for someone upbeat for kids? Watch for bright colors and a smile.

Before you hire a magician, confirm whether they fit your crowd. The usual mistake most of us make in hiring their performance is choosing a guy who is very boring. Get the right Magician to your crowd and your visitors will be happy and smiling.

#2 How long of a show do you prefer? Note: Do not ask them how long their show is. They will all be telling you the same time. 30 minutes. 45 minutes. Ask their recommendation of a show's length. In this way, you're finding a show matched for your audience. If they are just telling you how long of show they perform, they will arrive, perform the act, and that is it.

What if you are having 5 year old children? An act of one hour is not going to work. Even very good kids' performers keep the act to 45 minutes max. You can have activities afterwards, but only if the flow takes a change. One magic show for an hour or more and they will be lost.

On the other hand, if we're thinking of a social or corporate cocktail party, an hour or more might be what you will need. If this is before a dinner, guests will arrive at different times so you will need someone from the time guests come (or just for a few minutes after they come so you aren't wasting your cash on the Magician providing entertainment to an empty hall) to right up until dinner starts.

The crucial thing here is to have a conversation. Any guy who just rattles off a script and follows a "one size fits all" approach is not going to flow. Believe me, after hundreds of events, I can surely tell you, every event is not the same. They are all unique in their own way.

#3 What kind of magic do you do? This is another important question to ask to get an idea for the engagement and excitement your potential Magician may have. Whether your guests are coming across your city to your program, or coming all the way from another continent, you want to impress. You do this by interacting and making your guests a part of the show. If you needed a guy to just stay there and do some tricks, you would hire a mime, right? So, the way to do this is to provide people with interactive magic. Magic that happens in your visitors hands. Get them laughing, interested and these memories will create themselves.

Again, make it certain what the Wizard says he is going to perform, translates into involvement. Can you see your guests enjoying? Or does it sound very canned?

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