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Understanding How A Stun Gun Works

     A stun gun is a portable device used as a weapon that emits electric shock. This is originally introduced as a device for police to subdue act of escaping and other crimes. However, today, many people buy this tool for their self-protection. This is a device that can easily be used for self-defense when you are out or when someone breaks in to your house.

Are you planning to buy stun guns for your own protection? Then it would be best to learn first how do they work. Here are some details that you need to know:

1. This device targets the neural and muscular system. This doesn't cause so much pain. What makes this effective as a self-defense weapon is how it makes the attacker's muscles move so fast, which results to energy loss. Therefore, when someone attacks you and you hit him with a stun gun, the tendency is that he will lose balance and will fall to the ground, giving you enough time to escape.

2. One second encounter with this tool cause contractions of the muscles. One to two seconds will result to muscle seizure and dazed state, and three or more seconds will cause imbalance, disorientation and mental confusion. The effect can last up to 15 minutes and that will leave your attacker weak so you must flee or immediately call for help.

3. There is no way that the shock will transfer to you once the attacker holds you. The muscles absorb the electrical current and it will not transfer despite direct contact. You do not have to freak out when the attacker tries to hold you to pass the shock. It is not possible so just remove his hands off you and then escape.

4. Stun gun is safe. This will not cause permanent damage or harm. Despite the electrical charge it emits, it does not leave neurological or psychological consequences. One amp can kill but stun guns only deliver three milliamps. So do not worry, this will not kill or physically damage your attacker permanently. This is just a perfect device for self-defense. It is even recommended for women.

5. 9-volt alkaline batteries normally power this weapon. One battery is enough for lower voltage units while high-voltage units need 2 or more. There are also rechargeable types, so no batteries are needed. Meanwhile some newer models use Lithium batteries.

It is always best to learn how devices work first before you get yourself involved. It is the same with acquiring or possessing a stun gun - if you want to buy one then you must know how to use it properly. When you know how to operate it safely and effectively then you can start using it already. Another thing to remember is to make sure that your city or state allows its use because in some places, they do not acknowledge stun guns as legal.

Cori N. Baker enjoys writing for which sells taser gun and stun guns as well as a host of additional products.

Cori N. Baker enjoys writing for which sells taser gun and stun guns as well as a host of additional products.

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Cori N. Baker enjoys writing for which sells taser gun and stun guns as well as a host of additional products.

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