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Urgently Needed Water Pollution Solutions Critical for Survival

     The high demand for water pollution solutions increases as the threat to the survival of this generation as we know it is increasing, due to increasing toxic waste in water and the pollution levels in our environment.

Because of this, people are now becoming more aware of the importance of take care of our resources. The failure to do so will have a devastating effect on our future generations, or worse their ability to survive.

How to Stop Water Pollution
One of our most valuable resources is water, in the absence of this or the air, we couldn't survive.
Enormous damage to waterways is caused by industrial waste and raw sewage toxins being dumped into our water.

The Clean Water Act of 1972, helped clean up by improving water that would have been otherwise unfit for human consumption.

Although partly successful in helping solve the problem, unfortunately a great deal damage to the all rivers still result in loss of wildlife impaired functioning of ecosystems, and increasingly perilous human health threats.

Fresh water pollution in the case of river pollution, especially the run-off, which is generated by all of us and the solution to improving this, requires the help of all citizens.

We have to realize the practical difficulty of any level of government, to safeguard our water resources.

They simply cannot free enough resources to watch over the amount of lakes, ponds, and rivers.

It is each of our civic duties to report activities of others who are polluting our water resources.

Daily air pollution is in our face and surrounds us as we breathe it in everyday.

The main cause of air pollution is by the burning of fossil fuels in our cars, industries and the emissions of toxic chemicals in manufacturing processes, these account for most of the pollution released into our air, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ash, benzene, smoke, and soot, just to name a few.

Some of the more visible poisons accumulating in our atmosphere may present in the form of Smog or acid rain.
There is hope, with proper monitoring and regulation, that we may limit the pollutants and their effects to our air.

The 1980's the elimination of the use of leaded gasoline lowered the lead emissions in our air by 90%.

The use of filters in industry to aid in cleaning the air, and as result eliminated dark clouds of smoke and smog.

It can not be stressed enough the importance of each of us becoming the eyes and ears for our government officials.

Uncontrolled and unsustainable development continues to threaten biodiversity.

Modern urbanization, pesticides, timber production and hazardous wastes being dumped and pumped into the land has crucially altered the natural landscape of our Earth.

With no practice of responsible urban planning and development or the designations of critical habitats or the preservation of endangered species and alleviation of agricultural and industrial actives that poison and erode the soil; the widespread habitat loss and species extinction will continue.

Should you be aware of or find suspicious activity of someone or a plant of polluting the water or air, report this to officials.
Bear in mind, it's our future generations that count on, and their hope for health depend on our actions today, in order to sustain potable drinking water and clean fresh air to breathe.

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Anita at focuses on the promotion of environmentally wise business solutions, A revolutionary waste water treatment system used in conjunction with bamboo for environmental and economic

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