2. Lower back ache: The patient might observe an ongoing pain in the lower back. At times, it will be difficult to tolerate the pain, especially on the sides.

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Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms and What You Need To Do


Kidney stones block the flow of urine when they are lodged in the ureters. As a result, instead of flowing to the bladder, the urine has to go back to the kidneys, which will infect the kidneys. This can cause inflammation and, eventually, pain.

For women, sexual intercourse can be the source of renal infection because through the vagina and urethra, bacteria can enter the urinary system. It might get very difficult to urinate due to this. This indicates that the bladder is infected. If the patient does not treat this immediately, the infection spreads to the kidneys.

2. Lower back ache: The patient might observe an ongoing pain in the lower back. Fever: Fever is another symptom that could suggest kidney infection. There might be severe or mild fever. It is important to check the temperature every now and then.

6. Urine: Check the amount of urine passed by the patient. Hence, the amount of urine that passes will decline. You should not ignore such symptoms. You should get treatment for Kidney infection at the earliest to avoid further complications. If one gets treatment for the kidneys in the early stage of infection, then it is possible to cure the patient of the infection and can resume normal life soon. After all, kidneys are extremely important in eliminating waste from the body.

Feline kidney infection symptoms can range from very subtle to very obvious. Much will depend on whether the infection is only in the kidneys or propagating the entire urinary tract. In cases where only the kidneys, and possibly other areas of the upper urinary tract, are infected you will not see as many symptoms, and they likely will be less obvious. You may notice a change in energy levels with your cat becoming lethargic and having little interest in things that normally spark their attention. They may also withdraw to a quite area such as the closet or under a large piece of furniture. If you are experiencing some or all of the following symptoms, you are most likely suffering from a urinary tract infection.

* Pain or burning sensation during urination

* Cloudy looking urine

* Urine which has an unpleasant smell

* Urgent desire to urinate despite low production volume

* Shivering

* Severe abdominal pain

* Sickness/nausea

* Abnormally darker colored urine, possibly showing traces of blood

* Back pain above waist height

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms in addition to those for a urinary tract infection, you should consult your doctor without delay. You will need to see a doctor for confirmation of the diagnosis and specialist medication may be given to prevent the infection causing permanent damage to the kidneys.


There is no denying that a urinary tract infection can be very painful and debilitating, preventing you from carrying out your daily duties. It is therefore sensible to do whatever possible to alleviate the symptoms whilst waiting for a cure to take effect.

You can try some or all of the following measures:

* Place a heated pad/hot water bottle on the lower abdomen

* Wear cotton, non-restricting underwear

* Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day

* Drink 2 glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice daily

Think about these points to help avoid UTI:

? Good personal hygiene is your first defence against UTI. Be sure to wash the skin between the genitals and rectum on a daily basis and always wipe from front to back (especially important for women) as the bacteria from the anus is a major cause of UTI in women.

? Don't ever hold your urine. Holding your urine can, over time, stretch the bladder causing the bladder not too completely empty and urine left in the bladder may increase your risk of a UTI.

? Drink plenty of water daily.

? Vitamin C is often said to reduce the frequency of UTI's.

Remember that if you experience urinary tract infection symptoms the cause is not difficult to treat. Practice good hygiene; maintain a healthy diet and your chances of contracting a UTI are greatly reduced. The good news is curing UTI is comparatively simple providing the you've identified the problem UTI through proper diagnosis.

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