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Using Fluorescent Light Covers In Home Decor

     Have you ever wished that you had some alternative to that garish fluorescent light in your kitchen? Or maybe you have fluorescent lights in your home office? It has been established that fluorescent and LED lighting are between them the most garish lighting systems, and hardest on the eye, than any other form of commonly used lighting.

Sure, you can diffuse the light to an extent using these fluorescent cover panels you can buy, but even then they are still bright and garish, and certainly not easy on the eye. You can diffuse the light to the extent that it becomes gentler, but would you not like a change from that ordinary white or yellow light shining down from your ceiling?

Sure you would, and you do have some fabulous options if you want to use your lighting as items of home decor than just to illuminate a room - garishly! There are fluorescent light covers available in a variety of colors, such as gold, pink or pale blue. They are certainly often a better option to the ordinary light panels you see in the shops. But is that really what you want? Just to change the color?

Blow Your Mind with Fluorescent Light Covers

Think of a beautiful summer day, and imagine that you had no ceiling - no roof on your home, and you were looking up into the clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds! Or imagine that you were looking up at a waterfall that looks so real that you almost duck to avoid the thundering water!

These are just two of your options when you select designer fluorescent light covers and use them as part of your home decor. These covers attach easily to your exiting lighting panels and when you turn on that switch they will blow your mind!

Looking up into that sky will seem so natural, you will almost believe for a moment that you truly have no ceiling and no roof. You might genuinely duck to avoid that water that seems to pouring down on you from a great height. These fluorescent light covers are printed with genuine photographs, and when they are backlit with your kitchen lights, they offer a magnificently realistic representation of what they are.

Why not step out of that box that everybody seems to think in? Why not be the first in your neighborhood to have the Milky Way, a white dwarf or a unique Hubble photograph of a black hole as the centerpiece of your kitchen or home office ceiling?

Unique Home Decor Within Your Reach

You might think that such luxurious home decor is outwith your reach because of their price. Well think again, because each panel, at around 4 ft x 2 ft cost under $30. They can easily be fitted together to cover your whole ceiling so you are living under a permanent blue or night sky.

You don't have fluorescent lighting? It's not difficult to install it any room of your choice. Many people spend large sums of money on carpeting and wallcovering, but ignore their ceiling. What does that get? Some white paint or drab ceiling covering. Why not make your home decor something special!

Get some fluorescent lighting on your ceiling, and cover it all with the Milky Way - or a view into outer space from Hubble where there is no interference from our atmosphere! Maybe look up into a rainforest canopy, or a host of beautiful flowers in full bloom. The choice is yours. Surely any of these options is better than a bland yellow or garish white light shining down upon you!

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If you would like to give your ceilings a unique look, then fluorescent light covers could be your answer. For more information on this on this type of unique home decor, visit OCTO Lights on the Decorative Light Covers website.

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