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Using Long HDMI Cables

     HDMI technology is cutting edge in that it allows both audio and video to be transferred along a single cable. This means that HDMI cables are more efficient and save the user the hassle of having to worry about both audio and video components every time they hook up a television. The only real trouble with HDMI cables is that sometimes they are a little on the short side.

One easy solution is an HDMI extender. This device helps extend HDMI signals over much longer distances. In some cases this can be as far as around 50m. In order for the device to work, the user will need DVI and HDMI cables. Fortunately, HDMI extenders don't need to have a power source in order to function. This also saves on power costs, since some heavy duty extenders for other technologies might require additional power.

The truth is that sometimes you just need a whole lot of room to get the source of video and audio to connect to the television in order to watch the program. Long HDMI cables and an HDMI extender are key in making that happen. It's often extremely frustrating to not have these materials on hand when the television and cable box, computer, or other video playback device is already working. Without the right cable an extender the computer and television will be completely useless for playing videos since they need a means for communication.

Another benefit of using long cables is that you can put the television anywhere in the room that you want. If you have 40 or more meters of cable, you can even set up a television in a different room then the video source. Additionally, many modern computers have HDMI hookups which give you versatility when it comes to what videos you want to watch. This is because computers let you use more services than televisions do, such as streaming video sites, downloaded videos, and so on.

HDMI cables are easy to hook up, as the slot for each side of the cable is easy to see in both the source and television sides. And the fact that it's only one cable will also allow you to keep from getting the cables al tangled up which is often a problem with other methods that require 4 or 5 plugs for a single hookup. The High Definition aspect of HDMI cords also makes them essential for those who want an HD experience. HDMI technology offers some of the highest pixel videos of any other medium currently on the market.

The versatility of HDMI cables also extends to mobile markets with the right converter tools. For example, an HDMI cable that had a micro-HDMI converter could connect a mobile phone with the right hookup to your television. This means that you could watch streaming videos from your phone directly on a television. And with the right extender device and a long enough cable you could do so from a different room.

It's also important to have the right HDMI extender if you have a television capable of very high definition such as 1080p. Otherwise you could lose some quality in the transfer process. Each extender has a different specification for how much definition it can handle so matching them up with the right spec on your TV is critical for proper functioning.

Mr. Book writes for many technology related products and services. Lindy USA was consulted for HDMI Cable information and VGA to DVI cable specifications.

Mr. Book writes for many technology related products and services. Lindy USA was consulted for HDMI cable information and VGA to DVI Cable information -

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Mr. Book writes for many technology related products and services. Lindy USA was consulted for HDMI Cable information and VGA to DVI cable specifications.

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