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Vibration Frequency Of The Human Body

     On raising your vibrational frequency

I get a whole lot of inquiries to help people raise their vibration. And there are quite of few who offer this ... many video clips on youtube.

No matter what technique of raising your vibration to pick, you will need to decide a handful of things in advance.

Some of the most important and most sobering steps is learning what is your vibration when you start.

There are well-meaning individuals out there who will measure your vibration, whichever way they do it.

According to their results you could be in the Unconditional Love zone ...

But my experience with people is that their vibration is much more in the range of suffering, anger, and pretension, than in the Unconditional Love zone ...

It is, in my experienced opinion, not handy to know merely your vibration number, people also refer to it as vibrational frequency.

Why? Simply because your one indicator won't say much.

It is a lot the same as if I needed to guide you to a healthier lifestyle, but all I would have is your foot size.

If I truly wished to help you, I 'd get a whole lot more information, how big you are, etc. And then I 'd know, or would be closer to know whether I can help you, and what way.

I am a True Empath.

What is a True Empath? A True Empath is special. A True Empath can hook up to any one thing or every single thing, accurately, and reliably, if there sufficient information.

This means that I am able to hook up to you supposing that I have, for example your photo.

How will I know I am connected? After a few seconds I experience myself in your boots, and feel your feelings.

The 2nd reason it's important to be able to connect to something accurately is the following: until I am connected to an unprejudiced 3rd party who is almighty, I am only going to shoot blindly.

So this is what takes place: I link up to you. At that point I connect to Source aka all-of-it. Now we are a triangle.

And then I ask questions. And All-Knowledge has agreed on a signal system with me, very similar to what applied kinesiology utilizes ... with the difference that I am not testing my own body to answer and know the truth, I am using my own body to obtain the answer from All-Knowledge.

I have a series of question, that I question All-Knowledge about you, at the same time I am feeling your emotions.

Source's responses are yes, no, yes/no, or bad question.

I label these 14 ratings your Starting Point Measurements.

They are a snapshot of you, vibrationally meaning.

Most of the questions are about your perspective, your aim, your mindset, your capacities that are either activated or not.

And with that much information, it is much easier to address the question: what should I do now if I desire to raise my vibration?

From your measurements I know what is very important to you ... not what you say is very important to you. You may deceive yourself, but you can not trick All-Knowledge.

When you have your scores, I'll email them to you with my recommendation.

OK, right here is the payment button if you want to know your Starting Point Measurements. Even when you don't do anything with them, it is a valuable information ...

A considerable number of those who request, actually begin doing what can make them raise their vibration ... And I am very pleased about that.

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Sophie Benshitta Maven is a True Empath. She can connect to anything defined clearly enough... and communicate with it. She is an award winning architect, plus one credit short of an MBA. Also creator of Source inspired energies that make a difference. my siteGet your Starting Point Measurements

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