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Waking Up To The Tyranny Of Too Much Government

     Some of you know, some have an 'inkling', and some haven't a clue. But the fact is your government is growing continually bigger, becoming more controlling of you, slipping into denying you rights that historically have been considered fundamental or inalienable, and criminalizing segments of society who've done nothing wrong

Most western democracies now fulfill these characterizations. But I'll address the U.S. since I'm most familiar with their laws, how they work and how they tyrannize you.

From my general observations, everyone would agree with the 'growing bigger', and many with the more 'controlling', but most aren't aware of 'unjust denying of unalienable rights' and 'criminalizing innocent people'. Actually, growing bigger and more controlling leads to denying rights and criminalizing the innocent. It's the bigness and control that allows government -and its special interest factions to cover up their rights denials and criminalization of innocents.

And that's why keeping government as small as possible is - or was - so important. But that point is now passed, unfortunately. Our government has grown to be huge and will continually increase. The amount of things government does for us (or perhaps better said - 'to us') is growing and encompasses our lives from birth to death.

Government's 'bigness' and all it does - or promises to do for us - requires a lot of taxes, more so all the time. That means it has to know a lot about everyone to see that you pay all those taxes and to determine what you deserve to get from government's entitlement programs.

Computers are one of man's greatest inventions. They've come a long way over the last 60 years or so. Their greatest power for government's use is their ability to

* acquire, store and catalog enormous amounts of information from many and disparate sources

* network with other computers and correlate their information, and

* almost instantly kick out automatic program requests or direct human requests on anything - and on anyone

These capabilities have grown very fast over the last 20 years - and are still growing - not only within a single government but increasingly among governments. And that information (or knowledge) about you is power - controlling power -over you.

With more government control comes more 'rules' to live by - i.e. 'government-imposed rules'. Why? Because the government has taken increasing and extensive responsibility to benefit you with its entitlements and, of course, collect from you what it needs in taxes. And it's capability to control you - and your life - through its collected information makes it easy for them to enforce its growing set of 'rules' for you to live by.

Clearly, I'm insinuating that too much control from government will necessarily infringe our fundamental rights - the rights of individuals. Why? Because this growth of control represents power which we know tends to corrupt. And absolute control will lead to absolute corruption - as does absolute power. And that's due to our unchanging human nature. It's 'a given'.

The U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights were put in place to limit government power over the lives of individuals - and to prevent government abuse in the prosecution of individuals - especially for bad laws. Our founding fathers understood this - they understood that 'it's a given'.

But these protections are, in large part, no longer in place; government has transgressed them. Some people know that; some don't. And your government won't tell you what's not in place that should be!

The corruption that I'm talking about here doesn't simply mean someone's hand is in the till; someone's hand is always in the till. No, the real corruption relates to how government will segment and reform society as it sees fit by its control of how government benefits are handled and for whom. You can expect some of your own choices for living will be curtailed - and unjustly so.

We are losing our sense of individual rights. People are trained to let the 'experts' decide what's best. All the decisions on you, your kids, and how you live and how you'll be educated are best determined by those 'experts' in charge.

The government is generating new 'wrongs' for which people can be criminalized and then punished. These wrongs don't originate to protect us from 'bad and intentional acts that hurt people' but from 'government rule transgressions' that 'upset' government-run benefits, controls and controlling ideologies of its special interest factions strongly affiliated with or integrated into government. And, of course, this means that more people - more decent people - will now be punished.

Government - and its affiliates - will not tell you this. In fact they'll propagandize just the opposite. They'll say that what they're doing is for your safety and benefit. It's all for the greater good. They'll say: 'we have no choice'; 'circumstances dictate it'; 'there's no other way'... and so on. They are wrong - but their power is growing.

*Bottom line to Waking up:

We're moving into an increasingly unfree country and unfree world. Government's growing intrusiveness in, and control of, our lives is now - and increasingly so in the future - restricting or outright denying our inalienable rights. Our imposed dependency on government benefits and the obligations it puts on us are becoming our chains with which government and its elites will tyrannize us.

Unfortunately, the massive government agencies and its affiliates use their control to control your perception of what's really happening - and what's being taken from you. That's done by propaganda, obfuscation or just dumbing you down.

It's very difficult to change our system back to guarantee the constitutional protections we once had. That's what we're facing today - and increasingly more so tomorrow.

You need to wake up to what's really happening so you can help restore or fight for your freedom.

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