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Ways To Turn Ordinary Artists Into Practitioners Of Pop Art

     It is possible for ordinary artists to become full-fledged practitioners of pop art, and there are three ways to go about it. When we say 'ordinary painters', we are referring here to the painters who have started out in anything other than popular art, such as conventional abstract expressionism. If you notice, conventional art has definitely evolved throughout the ages, shedding a bit of its so-called elitism and giving rise to popular art. It was a very slow-going process, though. It can also be classified as evolution because, at the end of this slow transformation of the art form, the artists deemed themselves to have improved greatly as artists. Ordinary painter do not just wake up one day, pick up their brush, and start churning out popular art works. Rather, they tend to start coming up with popular art works, whilst still practicing conventional art.

After some time, you will notice a shift in their concentration, with them veering towards creating popular art works more than conventional art. Eventually, they earn a reputation as pop artists once they completely let go of conventional art and concentrate solely on popular art. This evolution from conventional art to popular art could be attributed to a number of triggers, and that is what we are going to look into.

The first way in which ordinary painters typically evolve into pop art practitioners is through exposure to the products of this particular art movement. It is a general reaction among majority of ordinary painters to like what they see once they lay eyes on popular art works. As a result, their curiosity is roused and they start to look into ways to come up with something similar. Soon they will find themselves deeply immersed in studying popular art practices and techniques. These artists would then be immersed so deep in popular art that there will come a time that they will no longer be interested in practicing conventional art. This marks their full conversion into pop art practitioners.

The evolution of ordinary painters into pop art practitioners could also be facilitated by studying the various pop art literature that are now made available by the pioneers of this art movement. Often, the artists who are destined to become popular art practitioners don't set out looking for such literature. In reality, they just accidentally happened by them. The literature in question tends to go to great lengths, in showing how popular art is better than conventional art which is depicted as, among other things, elitist. After reading all that literature, many of these ordinary artists are convinced more than ever to try their hand at popular art, until such time that they fully evolve into practicing it.

The third way in which ordinary painters typically evolve into pop art practitioners is through interactions with members of this particular art movement. There are marked differences between pop art practitioners and practitioners of other art forms. They appear to be more passionate about their art and enjoy it more. It is also clear that they earn more from it. They seem to be more of the type who finds more meaning in what they do. The more exposure they get to other pop art practitioners, the more attracted they will be to the prospect of becoming one of them. They subsequently evolve from being conventional art practitioners, into being popular art practitioners.

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