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     Colorado State tax pledge. Colorado tax liens are perpetual and liens have priority over all other liens to the property tax is paid in full, or properly excluded, as described in Colorado Revised Statutes. There are 64 counties in Colorado.

Property taxes for residents of Colorado paid in two installments. First payment for January 1 for the taxes assessed for the previous year. The first installment becomes Offenders on February 28. The second installment is due June 15 and become offenders on 31 July. County Treasurer and / or the sheriff will make one or two phone calls to the owners, who remain on the offender's own taxes. Taxes on property that remain unpaid will be listed in newspaper publishing over the four weeks prior to the sale of withholding taxes. County treasurers are allowed to hold auctions tax retention between September 1 and the second Monday in December. Most countries hold their sale in late October or November.

Most of Colorado withholding tax preparation from sales to use the method Premium bidding. The opening bid for each object is equal to the tax owed, plus interest and other expenses incurred in the county. Auction oral and competitive. Bid amount may increase in increments of $ 1, $ 5, or more, depending on the amount of mortgage and preferences of the Treasurer. Investor is willing to pay the highest price for the certificate of withholding tax will be the winner. The winning investor pays "Premium" (the amount at the opening of tenders), a certificate of withholding taxes. Shopping is not returned to the premium, and interest is charged only on the amount of price discovery. County captures the benefit of Premium.

There are several smaller county in Colorado springs tax which use rotational bidding process. In the rotational bidding, each investor who is registered for sale will receive a bidder number which will control the order in which they bid during the auction. Opening of bids, as well as the interest rate remains unchanged. The auctioneer will begin with the first investor and ask if they are interested in investing in the first certificate of withholding taxes. If they want to, they will be successful bidders and the auction, then moves to the next property. If the first investor does not want the property, it is proposed that the second applicant, the third bidder, and so on, until each property is either sold or offered for everyone in the room and there are no hostages.

Successful applicants will receive a certificate of purchase, or manual, as proof of an assignment of withholding taxes. An investor owning tax retention last year, an opportunity to give this new crime to his / her existing mortgage. This process is known as the south of taxation. The cost of sub-tax equals the sum of the unpaid tax due, and is only available to the holder of CP, some four months before the fall auction. This new amount will now begin charging 11.25 per cent simple interest (at 2.25 of the Federal discount rate). Redemption for the owner becomes more difficult because they must now twice the original amount of tax.

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