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     Various large corporations, firms and trading companies want to expand their business quickly to maximize their profits. One way of doing this is by online marketing. Creating, developing and maintaining a website is easier said than done. Usually people nowadays look for quick ways of maximizing their business with minimal effort. For the sake of this, people look to the online aspect of the business, like how to grow the business nationally and globally, how to generate maximum sales and revenue, how to attract more customers by offering exciting deals. In a nutshell, website provides one stop solution in solving all these problems. Designing a website is a different ball game altogether. One must have the appropriate skills, creative ideas, knowledge of the modern day Information Technology system and how it works, and most importantly the necessity of the clients.

Designing a website is not an easy task at all. A web designer needs to keep in mind the various hurdles that can occur unexpectedly before he even starts planning about the structure of the website. The art of web designing dates back to 1989, when a developer named Tim Berners-Lee, whilst working at CERN, developed a largely famous formula for the identification of a website, which was World Wide Web, popularly known as www. The HTML sites soon found themselves shunned among the masses as it had limited designing options and was not particularly user-friendly. To create complex and captivating designs, many web designers had to use obscuring table formats or even use blank space. GIF images to prevent empty table cells from disintegrating. As a result of this, the layout of the website lacked idea it was gloomy and did not offer much to persuade the customers.

As months passed by, technology become more powerful and advanced, due to which CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) came into being in December, 1996 by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to maintain the structure and full development of the web page. In that same year, Flash (originally known as Future Splash) came into the market. In the initial years, the development tool of the flash content was pretty easy compared to now, by using the simple methods of styling, designs and layout. Flash became immensely popular among the designers and the web users alike. It finally worked its way from few target markets to a vast majority of web browser and was also strong enough to develop complete websites.

Open Source Browsers came into force in the late 90’s, through which, many developers participated in developing new software and accommodating necessary improvements in the existing ones. The Web Standards Project established itself and promoted browser conformity with HTML and CSS standards by forming Acid1, Acid2 and Acid3 tests. Microsoft’s biggest breakthrough in the browser world was in the year 2000. In this year, Internet Explorer released its first browser for Mac. It was a highly symbolic moment as it was the first browser that easily embedded HTML 4.0 and CSS 1.0, which upgraded the bar with regards to standard compliance. Since the end of the browser wars between Internet Explorer and Netscape, there have been many new modern browsers which cater the needs of the web users, as well as the designers. These modern browsers have included various new and exciting options for the interest of the general public, which were lacking in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. This is the reason that today many users prefer these modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera over Internet Explorer. Frankly speaking, Internet Explorer has lost its charm due to the internal differences in the company.

The W3C has released newer versions of HTML (HTML 5), CSS (CSS3) and the new JavaScript, as well. The advancements made in the field of web designing, are giving a lot of inspiration and comfort to the professional designers as they do not have to worry a lot about the re-designing, re-developing or re-creating of a website. Web Designing, as mentioned earlier, is not a piece of cake, but with these new software, standards and scripts in the market, it has made the life of professional web designer a hell lot easier than it used to be in the past.

Even the new ones, who have just begun their career in this field or who are looking forward on building a career in Website and Graphic designing will have a lot of ease as compared to their older counterparts when they started performing the art of website designing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is another prominent development of the recent past. SEO is a specialized tool, which helps classify different websites in different categories on different search engines. Since SEO came into power, there was a positive vibe about this new tool, but barely a few people knew what it truly means. SEO now, we can say, is essential for any web developer or builder. It helps him to present his website in front of the whole world and target a market or a group of customers.

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