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Web2.0 Era Of Class Formation And Conversion Of Digital

     Reality and virtual boundaries to eliminate, is an important feature of the Web2.0 era. Web2.0 era, the most noteworthy point is that the real world will be done on this platform a deconstruction of identity and power. For Internet world identity and powers of a new round of reconstruction of the gene pool. Be deconstructed fragments of genes stored in the Internet's huge database of gene, each gene with congenital conditions that constitute a digital personality, after an appropriate transition mechanisms, can be formed in different sectors of the digital, as the Internet information monitoring develop in depth, the different sectors of the digital conversion occurs.

Citizens the gene to digital class transmutation - the role of identity and power construction mechanism

Web2.0 era of the Internet is already the personality of the real world of virtualization editorial. With the advent of cloud storage, information storage continue to be the expansion and storage of civil gene may gradually become increasingly powerful data storage capacity. Internet citizens process of gene experienced editorial and homogenization conversion of step. After collecting the storage process, citizens genes have the transmutation into digital personality, and ultimately the formation of the ability of the digital hierarchy.

Identity and power construct has played a key role in the network citizen digital personality, and the differences in the way of the Internet world production in turn determines the digital class differences. According to the different ways of information production, digital hierarchy is divided into three levels, digital sharecroppers class, digital middle class digital elite.

American writer Clay Shirky "cognitive surplus," a book that people use the media to have three purposes: consumption, creation and sharing. These three activities also constitute citizens Web2.0 era Internet activities. Digital hierarchy is based on a network of citizens for the information consumer to create, share different division.

Citizens of the digital sharecroppers class network is principally engaged in the creation of "information" to share, consumption. "Information" means information pyramid in the most low-end content. Its main feature is based on the personal life of trivial words, presented in order to cater to the mass psychology of entertainment, worthless information. Claude Shannon's information theory, noise and redundancy. Too much of such information, will result in the spread of information in the dissemination process, offset by the knowledge and wisdom. Citizen of the digital sharecroppers class network often seen among microblogging personal private life to make a boring show to participate unfounded network the crackdown behavior, concern and sharing too much for hearsay rumors the network, and the manufacture of low-level, lack of social responsibility the information content of the consciousness and humanistic care, no logic concoction. This class network citizens vulnerable to the impact of a barometer of public opinion, at this stage of the network water army, Fifty Cent Party more than they.

Digital network of the middle class citizens is mainly engaged in the creation of "information" and "knowledge", sharing and consumption. "Knowledge" refers to the information pyramid at the end. The function of knowledge is to make people think critically about the social attitudes of some self-reflection and the ability to think. The knowledge provided the basis for the formation of the Internet mainstream values, have a certain reference value. Digital network of the middle class citizens sometimes chaotic mosaic exhibition of private life, interested in the low conservation information, but they are different from the the digital sharecroppers class purely indulging unthinkingly, they are more able to maintain their ability to think rich cultural reserve, but still do not have the ability to perceptual knowledge into wisdom of. This population is overwhelmingly among the network of civil society, most of them with a certain level of students, teachers, white-collar workers have the social experience, the general staff of the company, executives, and so on.

Digital elite network citizens is not in the information and knowledge to make a fuss. Their concern is the the information pyramid top of the "wisdom" of production. "Wisdom" as the the information pyramid top of the information, have a strong philosophical meaning, to be able to complete a summary of the universal law of the various events. Wisdom for the interpretation of events is programmatic, and have a strong guiding significance. "The heart of official thinking, thinking you have the digital elites in the observation of things, not only with a binocular with an enthusiastic go dissect complex event. Real recourse on the good side, the insistence of the persistent sense of beauty is a core feature of the digital elite. Network information ocean, they are opinion leaders, mass response of the power of discourse, onlookers change the scene, they are the most powerful call-to-action, their powerful charisma man talked about the topic.

The digital class into each other: information monitoring mechanism gives the possibility of

Citizens completed the class construct gene depending on the information production content, can be transformed into digital hierarchy it has formed? If so, what are the mechanisms of transformation? Internet development of information technology has given the class transformation possible, that is, information monitoring mechanism forming.

In a sense, the Internet information monitoring mechanism is a powerful panopticon, it is the most cumbersome regulatory treatment to minimize the cost. Internet has gradually become an electronic monitor at all times kept running. Any time, any network citizens a tiny behavior and trajectory will be recorded in a substantial network of data centers. The conversion of the digital class actually lies in information monitoring airtight. Foucault said: "People die in the panopticon", provides a powerful metaphor - Everyone survival monitoring, the completion of the mission of the survival of the Internet to every internet citizen.

Shallow divided, information monitoring mechanisms rely on the formation of two streams mixed.

First airstreams from social media with Facebook, record and monitor the direction of the streams of people's information on to the next, each social tool users are keen on the sound, they day and night on the social networking platform to show self-exposure, say it, then sent out the diagram, fill in the form of name, date of birth, gender, hobbies, interest, home address, personal phone information is endless exposure social platform, social platform seems to take the initiative to submit a paper paper "resume". Therefore, the social networking platform Facebook represented by many network of citizens' identity cards. Social tools on the Internet information resources of the citizens were aggregated to form their own resources.

The role of the second air flow from the search engine Google as the representative. This air flow is from top to bottom, it is a huge database of Internet citizens unconscious exposure. The search engine has the characteristics of weapons is its unique spider. Spider on the aggregation of information to rely on widely distributed nodes, each node is associated with rather than in isolation. Ultimately achieve the effect of "Justice has long arms. The spider's work is constantly crawling in the site, from top to bottom uninterrupted crawl and index. Many sites, many privacy trajectory are included. The the extensive webs with panoramic monitoring, the characteristics of the streams.

The confluence of the two streams from the bottom up and the top down to form a powerful whirlpool phenomenon of the whirlpool that all information hybridity complete summary of monitoring information from the centralized storage management. Web2.0 era this powerful information monitoring mechanism prompted everyone to show his true face, hypocritical mask of the network is about to gradually exit the stage of history. Network among the citizens to each other supervision because of the presence of this information monitoring mechanism, double face show his citizens will be exposed to the public eye under own infidelity; own show true knowledge will also be People worship eyes. This way and eliminate the election, the final class rotations.

Of course, the Internet information monitoring mechanism of biological logic machine logic invasion. The result is a network of national carnival crazy privacy exposing picture. People gradually lose their own private space. The private domain gradually become barren existence of some private beautiful has come to an end.

The formation and transformation of the Web2.0 era of digital hierarchy, have guiding significance for each network citizens. We live in the Internet "panopticon", accept monitoring and creating information. The production quality of the information determined by the difference digital class everyone vesting, and therefore, each network citizen should be responsible for their production information. Caution personal discourse powers.

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